Review: SHORT – Navozande, The Musician (Tribeca 2021)


Telling the tale of a musician who years prior was separated from his love when the Mongols attacked, Navozande, THE MUSICIAN is a creative animated short with a style emblematic of the story. 

Without a line of dialogue yet carried by a harmonic score, the viewer is swept into the musician’s cathartic experience as tragedy turns to beauty. The art styling is different, even jarring at times in the facial depictions, but it is reminiscent of art of old. Particularly impressive was the depiction of flashbacks through unfinished, uncolored drawing. Simplistic as it may be, it works for this film.

Though it left me unsatisfied (life is cruel!), one cannot help but be swept away by the film’s grace.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Tribeca

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