Review: SHORT – Enjoy (Tribeca 2021)


A much-needed short film focusing on men’s mental health, Enjoy focuses on a man who is clearly experiencing depression and struggling to find the path out of it, an all-too-common experience for men around the world, but one that often goes unspoken about.

Enjoy follows Michael (Himesh Patel) who is a struggling musician working with a young, difficult boy with a bad temper. While we switch to see Michael’s interactions with his girlfriend and his time swimming at a pool throughout the 18-minute film, it is his time with the boy that is most impactful. Taking a cue from the boy’s mother, Michael uses superheroes to find common ground, leading to the boy sharing about his anger, sadness, and inability to handle it all. As Michael comforts him outwardly, viewers can sense an internal recognition in Michael that ultimately leads him to talking about what he is going through with his girlfriend.

Though not the most exciting of topics, nor the most interesting of films (the acting is fine, the filming nothing to write home about), the point is an important one: recognition of mental health challenges and the willingness to speak up about them is of immense importance, a vital step in seeking help and making progress towards a better living. Dare I say, it is an important step in learning to enjoy life more.

Rating: 3/5

Photo from Tribeca

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