Review: SHORT – Death And The Lady (Tribeca 2021)


Impressive animation gives way to a touching tale of the love between a pet and its owner in the subtly emotional Death and the Lady.

When death comes to visit an old lady, knocking on the door and clearly there to take her, her pet dog jumps into action and tries everything he can to save her. The short will touch any pet owner as it mixes cleverly mixes humor and wit to explore the devotion and love of a pet. Incredibly detailed animation does all of the talking for this dialogue-free film, a CG work that looks like claymation in parts, but then focuses in on minute details such as a sewn-looking dog composition that truly standout; the depiction of shadows is exquisite. Aside from a strange sequence of slow motion that is more distracting than interesting, Death and the Lady is a well-executed, emotive piece of art.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Tribeca

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