Review: SHORT – Blush (tribeca 2021)


Exploring love and loss in the most unexpected of places, Apple and Skydance’s Blush is a charming short featuring stellar animation and a touching tale of legacy. 

After crash-landing on a small moon/planet, an astronaut is soon joined by a pink alien creature who similarly finds herself stranded. She literally and figuratively breathes life into the ground and we soon see the two characters building a life together. The animation is superb here, aside from the odd depiction of the characters looking young, yet clearly not being so (the male astronaut has stubble… it’s difficult to look past).

There is a simplicity to this lovely story that brings forward the themes of unexpected love, making something out of nothing, and the impact of individuals on our lives that is commonplace, but adorably depicted here. This is one story that I could see, and would like to see, explored in a feature-length film.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Tribeca

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