Review: SHORT – Almost A Year (Tribeca 2021)


As a snapshot of life in New York City 290+ days into a pandemic, Almost a Year is a sweet tale of individuals continuing on with their lives.

Donna, a housekeeper who works for a wealthy woman with what sounds like a vlog of some sort, stops into Tim’s corner store daily for tea. Almost a Year follows Donna in her daily routine as the country (and world) navigates the challenges of COVID-19 and she works through a battle of her own. What is depicted is a growing fondness between Donna and Tim, both having shared part of her routine daily. The short film is a raw look at what we’re all familiar with having been through over the past year plus, set upon the backdrop of New York City. 

Almost a Year ultimately communicates the messages of togetherness, hope, and perseverance through struggle, which we all can identify with and use in our own personal ways.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Tribeca

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