Review: See For Me (Tribeca 2021)


A home invasion thriller boosted by the performance of its lead, See For Me is a uniquely intriguing film with creative flair that keeps the interest, but fails to truly deliver.

Skyler Davenport stars as a blind cat-sitter who is thrown into survival mode after thieves break into the house she is staying at, forcing her to rely on the eyes of a stranger (Jessica Parker Kennedy) through the See For Me phone app. Davenport, a visually impaired actor, is stellar from start to finish, keeping you guessing about her character the whole way. Her character, though flawed and sometimes tough to root for, is compelling enough to keep you invested. While the film gives off strong Hush vibes, it suffers from the lack of a threatening batch of antagonists as each seems cookie-cutter and not fully realized. That’s not to say that there isn’t palpable tension as Davenport’s character navigates her way through a foreign home; I was always expecting more just around the figurative and literal corner. Unfortunately that more never quite came.

All that said, See For Me combines beautiful cinematography with a complimentary score that stands out over other films in the genre. Incorporating disability into a thriller and expanding representation is a welcomed change and mostly well-executed here, though it leaves you wanting more.

Rating: 3/5

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