Review: I Carry You With Me (Tribeca 2021)


A tender-hearted LGBTQIA love story layered with a mature exploration of sensitive, timely topics, I Carry You With Me is a film that explodes with heart.

This coming-of-age tale follows Iván, a New York chef from Mexico, who crosses the border in search of a future and the ability to provide for his young son. I Carry You With Me is charmingly effective both in storytelling and visual presentation. Director Heidi Ewing skillfully navigates deep topics such as gender roles, sexual orientation, cultural expectations, and immigration throughly and effectively. Whereas many films succumb to the overuse of flashbacks to establish the story, Ewing successfully balances them with present day and always with purpose. I found myself invested from the very first frames and emotionally touched by the experiences depicted, from the challenges of hiding one’s true self to the blatant racism of the United States.

I Carry You With Me is a film made with care and precision, a moving study of modern love across borders that explodes with heart. Committee acting and a focused script elevate the film into the category of one of the best of the year, hands down.

Rating: 5/5

Photo from Tribeca

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