Review: False Positive (Tribeca 2021)


An abstract thriller that imbeds complex observations around parenting throughout its twisty plot, False Positive is a superbly acted cerebral roller coaster that delivers.

When Lucy (Ilana Glazer) and Adrian (Justin Theroux) turn to a fertility doctor (Pierce Brosnan) in an effort to become pregnant, excitement turns to panic as Lucy begins to suspect more is going on than meets the eye. Written by Glazer and longtime collaborator John Lee (who also directed), False Positive is a tense film that never loosens its grip on the viewers, mostly thanks to Glazer’s Lucy and the empathy her character demands. Along with Theroux and Brosnan, Glazer turns in a phenomenal performance that capitalizes on the tight script to bring the themes and overall story to life.

False Positive has a lot to say, from the societal desire to exude control over a woman’s body to the mental hurdles pregnancy induces on a mother. The film never shies away from broaching these conversations, even as the film takes some wild, surprising turns. The true intents of False Positive lie below the entertaining surface, smartly planted throughout. While the shock-value of the film may not be for everyone, it certainly will garner conversation. 

False Positive is creepy, intense, and downright crazy in the best possible ways. Glazer and Lee have a bright future in feature film writing.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Tribeca

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