Review: Accepted (Tribeca 2021)


A documentary focused on the troubled T.M. Landry school in Louisiana, it quickly transforms into a reminder of the inequity in educational access and outcomes throughout the United States.

T.M. Landry is a preparatory school that promises an alternative to the last-in-the-nation educational system in Louisiana. With no schedules, zero textbooks, and boasting a 100% college acceptance rate (often Ivy League schools), all seemed too good to be true. Then came the accusations of falsified transcripts, abuse, and a lack of actual teaching. After The New York Times publishes an exposé, students are thrown into limbo. The school sees a rapid decline in enrollment that includes seniors months away from graduation seeking greener pastures. Filmmaker Dan Chen follows four students in particular as they each pick up the pieces and chart their futures.

Accepted is a revealing look at education in general with the young students themselves rightfully in the spotlight. With the Operation Varsity Blues scandal thrown in the mix, where wealthy celebrities fabricated test scores to secure their children’s admittance, Chen reveals a despicable double standard that will leave you questioning the entire educational system itself. 

With first-hand footage and direct access to all of the major players, Chen’s film is one to be seen and is sure to spark necessary debate.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from The Moveable Fest

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