Ewan McGregor To Take On ‘Everest’

Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) has turned his filmmaking attention towards Everest, what he hopes will be “a visceral experience for audiences, one that captures the exhilaration and terror of conquering Everest,” per a press release. Ewan McGregor, Sam Heughan, and Mark Strong are all on board to star. The synopsis, per the press release, sounds interesting, reading:

“1921. Everest remains the very last great unconquered challenge on earth. Many have sacrificed their sanity and often their lives in the attempt to reach its fabled summit. George Mallory (McGregor) is picked by the arrogant Arthur Hinks (Strong) of the Royal Geographic Society to scale the impossible. Following the First World War, the fading British empire is desperate for a restorative victory, but for Mallory and his rival, the eccentric Aussie George Finch (Heughan), the challenge of Everest has nothing to do with patriotism, instead it is a singular test of self. Climbing without oxygen, to heights not even planes can reach, Mallory’s successive attempts to make the summit sees a challenge become an all-consuming obsession. It leads him to abandon his beloved wife and three children for months on end, give up his job, and push his body to the limits of human endurance. Everest becomes a very real monster for Mallory, his 45 degree climb to the peak is an inhuman mix of vertigo and nerve-shredding tension, requiring all of his fearlessness and audacity. It takes everything from him for reasons he can barely articulate: because it’s grander than him, it’s the last empty part of the map, and as he simply puts it – ‘because it’s there’.

Photo from Vox

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