Awards Watch With Math Teacher Movies – June 28th, 2021: Emmy Comedy Series

Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

Throughout the next few weeks, I will be examining each section of the Emmys this year since the qualifying window just closed and the nominations will be announced next month. 

It’s only fitting to start with the category of comedy as Ted Lasso is going to be appearing in many different categories, including best comedy series. Ted Lasso is most certainly going to be nominated for Best Comedy Series as it wowed critics and audiences alike. Expect to see Hacks nominated as well as the series just wrapped up and its popularity is climbing.

The Flight Attendant is being considered a comedy (which is debatable) yet can rest firmly in this category with a nomination.The Kominsky Method will somehow end up on this list of nominations. While it is a charming series, it shows that there’s still a large group of older voters.

There aren’t many other comedies that have the greatest of chances to get the fifth and final spot, but the much beloved Pen15 has the best chance to be nominated as it’s due for such an accolade. However, the unconventional third season of Master of None, the hilarious Girls5Eva, and the climbing in popularity of Kobra Kai all have a chance at making an upset. 

Jason Sudeikis will earn Ted Lasso another nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Michael Douglas and Anthony Anderson have been nominated in this category before for their roles in The Kominsky Method and Blackish, respectively, and will most likely be there again. Meanwhile, fresh off his run of accolades from The Good Place, Ted Danson jumped into another great comedy, Mr. Mayor, and will have a high chance of being nominated once again.

Kenan Thompson might be grabbing that fifth slot for his starring role in his sitcom Kenan, but there’s a chance that either Ralph Maccio or William Zabka from Cobra Kai could take the winning spot, but that seems unlikely.

Jean Smart seems like she will be dominating the Best Actress in a Comedy category as she is having one hell of a year and gave an amazing standout performance in Hacks. However, Kaley Cuocco is Smart’s strongest competition for her performance in The Flight Attendant 

Renee Elise Goldsberry has the showiest performance in Girls5Eva that has increasingly become more and more popular, so expect her to receive a nomination. Jane Levy has been rumored to be nominated for her performance in the recently cancelled Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist, but that cancellation can work against her. 

Tracee Ellis Ross might once again be nominated for Blackish and Allison Janney for Mom. However, the long shot hopefuls are the ladies from Pen15. Maya Erskine has quite a lot to work with in her performance as did Anna Konkle.

The most stacked category is Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy with several different opportunities for nominations. However, there is a clear lead in Hannah Waddingham from Ted Lasso,which would be a great win, and Juno Temple will also likely receive a nomination for her performance in Ted Lasso.

Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong from SNL will be nominated once again (for which they are always deserving). SNL’s Aidy Bryant is a bit more of a long shot but has a good chance of a nomination. Rosie Perez has a good chance of receiving a nomination for her role in The Flight Attendant that slowly grew with suspenseful importance in each episode. Zosia Mamet also has the chance to possibly get a nomination with a more quiet, but integral performance in The Flight Attendant.

Some of the long shots will be Hannah Einbinder in Hacks who matches Jean Smart very well as the show begins to gain more and more popularity and Paula Pell who is getting quite a bit of attention for Girls5Eva

The main story of Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy series is that Kenan Thompson will be holding a trophy on the night of the Emmys. He is not only due to win for his work on SNL but there is no narrative that comes close. In addition, Bowen Yang has been having an amazing year with SNL also garnering enough attention to get a nomination and down the road probably be as big as Kenan. 

The other story in this category is several actors from Ted Lasso most likely getting nominations including Brett Goldstein and Brendan Hunt for giving the most amount of humor and conflict, but with many others knocking at the door. Finally, Michael Huisman has been getting a lot of attention and praise for his role in The Flight Attendant and Ray Romano is also getting that attention in Made for Love which is another great chapter in Romano’s amazing later career. 

While Ted Lasso may be the front runner, there is still plenty of time before nominations for surprises to arise. The Emmys will air on September 19.

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