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THE BAD BATCH – S1:E2 – “Cut and Run”

As I’d hoped, there was no announcer to start this episode, just a Bad Batch logo and the episode title. Some will call this a “filler” episode, but I’ve come to learn with these new Star Wars shows, that’s rarely the case. This was a bit more character focused than the premier episode, but I think that’s something that’s needed in a new series with new characters. There are parts of this episode that gave me some season one, episode four vibes of The Mandalorian. And like Grogu, I feel like there’s a lot more to learn about Omega. I have some theories as to where they are going with her, some that I hope are true and some that I hope are not. But I’ll keep that to myself for now. That being said, I think this was a strong episode two. I can’t wait to see where they are headed next week. 

The Bad Batch, along with Omega are on their way to the planet Saleucami to meet a former colleague. Hunter and Echo are discussing what to do about Omega, while she and the others are sleeping. 
When they land and the ramp goes down, Omega is in awe and wonder of the sunlight and the dirt on the ground. After spending her entire life on a sterile facility, on a stormy, water covered planet, this is all a new experience for her.

As they are approaching their destination, Echo questions why the person they are going to see is so far out, and Tech responds that he’s “hiding. That’s what deserters do.” After setting off a tripwire, the group is confronted by Cut Lawquane and his Twi’lek wife, Suu. Quick backstory… We first met Cut and Suu in the tenth episode of season two of The Clone Wars. Cut is a clone, who deserted the clone army and, choosing free will, started a family. There is no back story, as far I can tell, that explains how Hunter and the crew know Cut, but it’s clear in this episode that they’ve known each other for a long time. 

Inside Cut and Suu’s home, Hunter introduces Echo and Omega to Cut and Suu. Cut asks where Crosshair is, but Hunter deflects the question. “It’s complicated” is all he says. Cut then tells them that Rex told him about the clones turning on the Jedi, mentioning that Rex had just passed through the day before. Rex is the clone Captain that first met Cut in The Clone Wars. Omega then reveals that the reason the clones turned on the Jedi was because of the inhibitor chip that is implanted into all clones. 

That conversation is cut short as Cut’s children, Shaeeah and Jek enter the house. The kids are excited to see another kid and immediately take Omega outside to play ball. Omega is very confused as to what to do. We cut to Hunter and Cut and Cut asks, who the girl is. Hunter explains that sees a defective clone, like they are. Cut points out that she’s not exactly like them and that the Kaminoans don’t create without a purpose. Cut then says that Saleucami is no longer safe and that he’s heading into town to book a transport off of the planet. Hunter offers to take them anywhere they want to go, but Cut declines. Traveling with wanted men is too risky for his family. 

In town, Cut and Hunter notice that there are clone troopers everywhere, so the need to be careful. It also turns out the Empire has been impounding ships, military and personal alike. When they reach the vendor to book transport, Cut is told that his currency is no longer good and will need to be exchanged for Imperial credit, along with a chain code. According to Wookiepedia, A chain code is a type of identification marker that contains biographical information on an individual. Cut and Hunter see someone trying to board a shuttle, but is bullied by clone troopers for not having a chain code. This makes Cut realize getting off the planet will be more difficult than he thought.

Back at the homestead, the kids are still playing ball outside. Omega accidentally throws the ball past a security fence. She offers to go get it but Jek stops her, saying it’s past the fence and they’ll get it later. As Jek starts to go back inside with his sister, Omega climbs through the fence anyway and looks for the ball. As soon as she finds it, she is confronted by a nexu, a dangerous cat-like creature with four eyes and very sharp claws and teeth. Shaeeah and Jek run inside to tell their parents what’s happened. Suu grabs her rifle and goes to the roof, while the others head outside. Suu takes a few shots at the nexu, which runs away, as Hunter brings Omega back to the group. Hunter chastises her for heading into danger, but Cut reminds him that she’s a child, not a soldier. He comforts the girl as he carries her back to the house, while Hunter looks on. Hunter then tasks Tech with forging chain codes to get Cut, Suu and the kids on the next shuttle out. Tech reminds Hunter that he’d only just heard about chain codes moments ago, but he could do it. 

We then briefly see Omega, who is sitting alone in their ship. She’s weeping a bit and removes the headpiece she’s been wearing since we first met her. 

Hunter and Suu have a conversation about children and how they always find trouble. It’s the job of the adults to protect them. As they are talking, Cut approaches. Hunter tells him that he was right, Omega isn’t a soldier, and he wants Omega to leave with Cut and Suu. Suu questions him, asking if that’s what he really wants. Hunter responds say that it’s what she needs.

Tech and Echo, sitting in their ships cargo area, devise a plan to get the data and the supplies they need to forge chain codes. They will stow away on their ship and call the authorities to have it impounded, which will get them into the facility they need to get to. They are unaware that Omega is sitting in the cockpit and hears their plan. When they radio Hunter to tell him the plan, he’s shocked, and tells them that Omega is aboard. 

At the spaceport, the ship is placed in the impound lot and clamped down. Clones board to inspect, but Echo, Tech and Omega are hiding in a secret overhead compartment. After the clones exit, the three come down to get their plan underway. Echo heads to find the security kiosk to get the data they need and blank disks. He quickly finds what they need and returns to the ship, where Tech goes to work programming the disks. At this time, Hunter, Wrecker, Cut, Suu and their kids arrive at the spaceport. Tech is supposed to bring them the disks, but there is a growing security force building near the shuttle. Omega overhears Tech telling Echo that he’s worried about getting caught with the chain codes. She grabs the disks and runs out of the ship toward Hunter and the others. Wrecker heads back to help Omega get past security, as Echo tries to unlock the clamps from their ship. A clone trooper confronts Echo, and just before Tech stuns him, he gets out a call for backup. 

Omega makes it to the group with chain codes and Wrecker stays behind to help Tech and Echo. She tells Hunter that Tech accidentally made five chain codes instead of four, which then Hunter tells her that the fifth one is for her. He wants her to go with Cut and his family. She’s worried she did something wrong, but Hunter tells her that she needs a family, and they’ll give her the life she deserves. She doesn’t want to go, but reluctantly does. As the guard checks the chain codes, Cut and Suu are nervous. But the codes clear and they head through to the shuttle. Suu puts her hand on Omega’s shoulder as she looks back at Hunter leaving.

Back at the Bad Batch’s ship, they are in a fire fight with clone troopers. While Hunter, Tech and Wrecker shoot at the troops, Echo continues to try and unlock the clamps, saying the system isn’t responding. Wrecker goes to help and using his brute strength, pulls the magnetic clamps from the landing gear. With that they go to board. Just then, Omega calls out, “wait for me!” She runs toward the ship and is grabbed by a clone. Hunter steps, shooting clones and quickly escorts the girl to the ship. As Cut enters the shuttle, a clone stops him and says he looks familiar. But is quickly called away to help with the chaos that the Bad Batch is causing. 

With all aboard, Tech and Echo get the ship into the air and leave the planet. Omega confronts Hunter and tells him that she knows she has a lot to learn, but that he doesn’t need to get rid of her. She wants to stay with them. Hunter admits he has a lot to learn too. And if this is where she wants to be, this is where she’ll stay. 

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