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Each Wednesday, Joe from @guyatthemovies will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Superman & Lois following the show’s airing on Tuesdays at 9pm EST on The CW.

Episode 5 – The Best of Smallville

This is an episode that has all of the feels of Smallville and I am absolutely HERE. FOR. IT! Let’s jump right in…

Spoiler warning!

Broadcast: Recent uptick in Superman activity around the globe.

We are focusing on Harvestfest this episode, where everyone comes together to help those in need in Smallville. Jon’s girlfriend Eliza is coming to visit, until she’s not and she calls to break up with him over the phone, just as Sarah and Jordan make plans to attend Harvestfest together. The show seems to be throwing a bunch of different spikes through the relationship between the brothers, truly testing it, which I would imagine is going to lead to a larger blowup at later in the season.

Sharon Powell shows up at the Gazette and is with her son, who is alive and well, only he says that he doesn’t remember anything. He woke up at a church, he doesn’t remember the phone call where he said he was scared about the job, and when his mother goes to touch him, he flinches. Sharon says there is no more story to tell, but Lois and Chrissy are like “you almost were murdered by a superpowered dude.”

Outside of the Gazette, Luthor is hanging out in a vehicle and the AI says that they have located Lois Lane, presumably to be used to bring down Superman.

Sharon and Derek show up to donate to the Harvestfest, which Lana is running. She recognizes him, but he starts tweeking out, hearing a buzzing in his head and seeming like he is in pain. He makes a phone call and we hear “Ms. Larr, there’s something wrong, i feel off.” Suddenly he comes to, his eyes glow red, and he says “I need to see you, now” before beams shoot out of his eyes and he torches the room.

We then get flashbacks to Clark as a kid, prepping for Harvestfest, ready to go and see Lana; his mom is adorably trying to help him dress. But of course, he hears a robbery and speeds over to stop them, dressed in a hoodie and a black mask. He breaks a gun in half, then swats another one away before we hear police coming

Flashing back on over to the drop-off location, the building is on fire and Kyle is running in to get Mitch (probably more on him later), who is trapped inside. Clark shows up, uses his x-ray vision to look inside, speeds in (dressed in civilian clothes), and uses his cooling breath to stop the fire, leaving Kyle et al confused. Kyles takes notice of the frost. WHAT COULD IT MEAN?

Back on the farm, we find out that all of the donations were destroyed. Clark says that Sharon Powell was outside looking for someone. Lois thinks that is weird and, naturally, wants to go investigate.

The twins show up and Jon is pissed about being broken up with, obviously. Lois tries to talk to him, saying that it may be complicated for her (the ex) too, comments which Jon refers to as a Cosmo Girl opinion.

Back at the donation drop off, Lois is trying to figure out what’s going on. She talks to Kyle, who isn’t sure what happened, saying it was weird how it ended. Lois asks if Derek Powell was near the there, and Kyle says yes. But hey, Captain Luthor says “oh hey, Miss Lane, i’ve been looking for you.” He claims to be a Reuters reporter, Marcus Bridgewater, saying he used to work at LuthorCorp. Lois quips about Lex Luthor, the only human being worse than Morgan Edge. Luthor says “definitely has his secrets.” He says he’s a huge fan of Lane, liked her story on Edge, did some digging. He then brings up Superman before they pivot to having a way to look inside the mines.

Back at the Gazette, Sidney Powell is chatting with Chrissy, who said Derek texted her that he needed space. Because Sharon and Derek share a phone plan, Chrissy was able to locate where he was. REPORTER STUFF!

Jordan asks Clark if he can leave early to meet up with Sarah; Clark is excited about him having a date. Jon shows up and is grumpy, calls Smallville a “backwards-ass town” and says he wants to move back because he lost friends and football, and that he dropped his life for everyone else’s life. Clark says he felt just like him as a kid, Jon says he’s not like him or Superboy (WINK) over there (Jordan), and informs him that Brian Kelso’s older brother has a place in Metropolis and that maybe he can stay with him.

Another flashback sees Martha telling Clark not to run around and play masked vigilante. “Those were dad’s rules, and he’s not here anymore” – it’s a year after the death of Pa Kent. “I wasn’t sent here to be Martha Kent’s son.” Ouch.

Back to the present, Kyle and Lana are talking about Mitch, who is going to have permanent damage. Lana recognizes that Kyle’s been drinking: “smells like you had a little more than one.” Sarah tells Lana to just take Soph while Sarah stays back to help her father get ready for Harvestfest. Lana thanks her, obviously pissed at Kyle.

Now we’re at Harvestfest and Jordan is hoping Sarah won’t stand him up. Jon spots guys from the team and starts drinking with them.

Heading back over to the Cushing’s house, Kyle is laying on the couch and Sarah brings him food. He starts recalling a song he used to sing to Sarah as a little girl, she yells STOP and says that was a long time ago. He says that time flies. Sarah says she should get going. He says he’ll be right behind her.

Now elsewhere, Derek is making out with Leslie Larr (seriously) and he tells her he started the fire, that he’s worried that “he may find out.” Chrissy is outside.

Checking in on Clark, he has his flannel on and is ready to go to Harvestfest, leaning in to turn off the music and close the window in the kids’ room, nostalgically looking out at the barn when BOOM! FLASHBACK: Martha apologizes, says this home isn’t the best place for Clark anymore, and shows him a box with a red crystal that was from the pod, saying it may be the key to figuring out what your future is.

Back to present time, Clark’s phone buzzes and he’s off. Over at Harvestfest, Lana is chatting away, Jordan gets chocolate bacon, and Sarah shows up. 

Meanwhile, Leslie Larr turns on some sort of machine and puts Derek on the table (like a CT scan). He asks what makes her think this time would be any different, and she says to trust her (famous last words). He goes in, it glows gold. 

At Hfest, Jordan tells Sarah he is starting to see what his dad sees in the place. Sarah tells him that everything is not okay, that the weight of the bad things in her life is heavy. Jordan says to try him. She starts telling him, but Jon shows up drunk making fun of Jordan. Sarah calls them idiots for drinking, goes off about acting like there’s no consequences, then walks off, telling Jordan she’ll see him later. Jon apologizes. Jordan says it’s alright. They go to get him water.

Also at the fets, Clark and Lois are eating chocolate covered bacon (ew). They run into the kids, Clark knows right away Jon has been drinking. “Call a rideshare and go home.”

Ring ring! Chrissy calls Lois and tells her where she is, referencing some crazy kind of Frankenstein machine. Clark hears the conversation (invasive) and speeds away, blasting through the roof as Larr asks “did it work?”

Clark checks out the machine, asks what it is, and Derek flies off saying “protect the asset.” Luthor is told by the AI that Kal-El has been located. We get a pretty cool flying chase here. Derek sets a barn on fire, Superman puts it out. Luthor is trying to intersect. Superman and Derek are fighting while flying through the corn, which has become a staple of Superman stories. Clark asks what Larr did to Derek, who says that she resurrected him and Kal-El is not alone anymore. Luthor arrives at their location with a big gun and shoots it towards Superman and Derek, knocking them out of the sky. Clark says he can help Derek, who says he’s already dead before promptly combusting in flames. Luthor runs up, Superman is gone. 

The family is talking after Harvestfest where Jon apologizes. Clark says it’s his one get out of jail free card and that he did leave home when he was a kid, left Smallville, and never came back. Clark asks Jon to give it more time and if it isn’t working out, they’ll explore options. Clark gives Jon the box from earlier (empty).

Lois says she is still trying to process what happened to Derek, that he just killed himself, but Clark says that he doesn’t think it was Derek. Clark says that his powers were erratic, like Tag Harris. Lois says whatever the machine is, it has something to do with the mines.

Clark and Lois are dropping off donations to Lana, who says that Edge wrote a check to replace everything lost in the fire and then some. She tells them to go with her, to see one last donation they have to see. There is a bench that Martha Kent used to sit on that now has a plaque that says “Martha Kent: The Best of Smallville”, because she was “everything this town aspired to be.” I CRIED, OKAY?

Flashback to young Clark sitting on the bench with Martha waiting for the train. She tells a quiet Clark that it is time. He heads off while Martha weeps. Back to the present, Clark is talking to Lois and says he was selfish. Luthor is watching; the AI says that Luthor’s pulse is high and that this must be about Lois Lane. The AI reminds him that it is not the same Lois Lane from his world, but Luthor says everything about her is the same. Everything except she marries someone else. MARRIAGE? We then flash to Lois and Luthor kissing as he is about to be deployed. AI says there are other variables, Luthor smashes the AI. 

Sarah and Jordan are talking and Sarah asks Jordan to apologize to Jon for her. Sarah says she could use a friend more than anything else. He says “as long as we still get to spend some time together.” FRIEND-ZONED!

While Jordan is walking off down the road by himself, a kid speeds over and tackles him into the woods, asking what he did to him while punching the hell out of him. 

While I am unsure about where all of this is going and wish we had some more specifics, there is an emotional undertone to the story that makes my own emotions well up. This show is laying a different foundation than anything I could have expected, which is refreshing and fun.
Superman & Lois returns tonight!

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