RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Recap From Guy At The Movies – Episode 3: Queens Down Under

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Episode 3 – Queens Down Under

Last week was truly shocking in that we said goodbye to Art Simone. I personally really enjoyed the Snatch Game, feeling like it was one of the stronger ones, but not without fault (obviously). 8 queens remain as we head into episode 3!

The Queens come back into the Werk Room and they’re all shocked that Art, who left REDRUM on the mirror, went home. Coco is loving it, though, proud of herself for sending Art home.

This week’s special guests (aka they prerecorded videos to send in) are Leland (Drag Race composer) and Troye Sivan. Will they actually do anything significant? Likely not.

The next day the Queens are sucking in Helium and chatting with Coco getting a bit of a big head for having won the performance (probably isn’t a good sign). Ru’s video cuts in and seems to indicate that there is going to be a music performance challenge this week. IS RU EVEN THERE? SUCH WEIRD FILMING (probably social distancing).

Mini Challenge: Quick Lifeguard Drag


“BABEWATCH” brought to you by Manscape.

  • Etcetera Etcetera – Huge balloon breasts, pulls a lollipop out of her wig, then pops a breast. Looked great.
  • Karen from Finance – Looks a mess, like Trixie Mattel meets Mimi Imfurst.
  • Kita Mean – A more puttogether expression of what Karen was going for.
  • Elektra Shock – Very Willam amd really giving it her all (“I’m on the f***ing beach!”). Wig down near her crotch.
  • Coco Jumbo – Really working what she has and looks to be having a blast.
  • Anita Wigl’it – Dressed like an old woman at the beach before she breaks it down to the swimsuit, while smoking, with a wig in the crotch. Slow and funny.
  • Maxi Shield – Playing on the feet being too hot but not giving anything else.
  • Scarlet Adams – Plays off of Ru well, fake breasts pop out and flop everywhere, seducing the beach. Hilarious.

Winners: Scarlet Adams and Elektra Shock. They’ll pick the teams, debuting the new Drag Race Anthem “Queens Down Under”


  • Scarlet, Etcetera, Coco, Anita, 
  • Elektra, Karen, Kita Mean, Maxi

Maxi Challenge: Queens Down Under

Preparation Reactions

Maxi is freaking out about writing lyrics while Scarlet wants to push them all to do something impressive (she’s a dancer). I’m really starting to like Elektra. Scarlet is not happy with Coco, saying he needs to step in with Etcetera.

On the other side of the room, Elektra is yelling, saying that he can do what he wants because he won the mini challenge. They all stomp off (it looks staged). And it was staged.

We get Leland and Troye popping in on video, but once again it’s all prerecorded, sharing their songwriting tips. Nice, but forgettable.

Now the recording session with Michelle, starting with Elektra’s team. Karen is first up rapping, which Michelle says is flat. Kita Mean goes really high at the end, but it works. Elektra goes all in with her lyrics and it’s phenomenal. Then we get to Maxi, who says he is more of a drawer than a singer. He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then dives into his lyrics and it’s theatrical and all over the place.Absolutely no rhythm and timing.

Scarlet’s team is up next and Scarlet is loving it, though Etcetera has a note. Anita is hilarious, which Michelle calls “poetry.” Etcetera does fine. Coco’s timing is off, as is pitch, He keeps apologizing for everything and Michelle, who calls the group Outback Steak-Hoes, tells him to stop apologizing.

Elektra’s team is up to practice the choreography and Elektra is on it (Karen even says that he is having fun). They all look great and are very coordinated, which is shocking. Elektra then shares that he used to have a dance studio and lost it, as he did his home, having to live in a garage. Have I mentioned that I have gone from strongly disliking this Queen to loving her in two episodes? Karen has nothing but great things to say about her, citing her passion and saying that he really wants to help Elektra win this week. Translation: She’s probably going home.

Now Scarlet’s team is up practicing, working on simplifying the choreography and not liking the input from everyone. Scarlet is running a tight ship! Etcetera is stepping up to intentionally show leadership, which is bothering Scarlet in an obvious way. But regardless, Etcetera thinks they are going to kill it.

Elimination Day

Etcetera finds a note in Coco’s glitter that says “watch out.” which sends them all into a tizzy trying to figure out who wrote it. Did Art write it? Coco thinks he did.


  • Outback Steak-Hoes

Anita steals the show with her hilarious facial expressions and phenomenal lyrics, but they all look phenomenal. Coco seems to be getting lost a bit in the mix with not nearly as much energy as the others. Really good overall.

  • Three and a Half Men

Karen’s lyrics are incredibly basic. Kita Mean steps it up and brings the energy.Maxi looks like she is just walking around. Elektra draws a strange look from Ru, which may be editing, but it was interesting. Maxi is crawling around the floor with big breasts, ending it with well-placed humor. Overall, the judges seem to be not loving this as much as the other team.

Category Is: Bogan Prom Realness

Ru looks phenomenal in blue, FYI.

Main Runway Reactions

  • Maxi Shield – Very colorful with a huge fanny pack; having a blast on the runway. Really digging the look.
  • Elektra Shock – Comes out smoking a cigarette with a gold look that has a long runner. Very 80s looking.
  • Scarlet Adams – Again with the fit, a little off. SHe has a cigarette necklace and a silver spacesuit looking dress that has alcohol in the bag.
  • Coco Jumbo – Looking like she was in her dress in the bushes, but the fabric looks like it isn’t fitted and just awkward.
  • Kita Mean – Very Neon Greasers from Grease… loving the look!
  • Etcetera Etcetera – Pink hooded sweatsuit a la Mean Girls, though she says Paris Hilton.
  • Anita Wigl’it – Not getting prom at all; white on top with long blue skirt that has buttons.
  • Karen From Finance – HUGE hair and tons of ruffles; talk about 80s! Big and bulky, which may be a knock.


  • Etcetera Etcetera
  • Karen from Finance

Judges Critiques:

  • Coco Jumbo – Michelle says she looked beautiful in the performance but messed up a little bit. Ru says the lyrics were too simple and her outfit during the runway could have been elevated.
  • Anita Wigl’it – Michelle cites the mess-ups, but says that she just powered through it and recovered. Rhys loves her lyrics. He then says “There’s a manicness to you that absolutely f***ing terrifies me” and i died.
  • Scarlet Adams – Michelle says the performance was so well done, that she made it about the group and looked like a pop star. Ru thinks the outfit tonight is ridiculous, saying she feels educated and offended at the same time (in a humorous way).
  • Elektra Shock – Michelle says she was a joy to work with and her verse came out well, but she made the performance about her. Ru says she was showcasing herself. Michelle calls her dress on the runway basic drag.
  • Kita Mean – Michelle said it was easy to work with her and she stood out in the performance, but her runway color/outfit is trying to kill her. Rhys says he doesn’t get Brogan prom from it. Ru says there is a glint in her eye that seems weird crossdressery and she’s having so much fun.
  • Maxi Shield – Michelle talks about the recording being a struggle, but that she looked unbelievable in the challenge, though she stayed down on the floor (missed opportunity). Ru says Maxi restricts herself while Michelle tells her not to always play the funny one, that she’s beautiful and talented, as well.


Coco thinks she’s in the bottom, as does Elektra (who is pissed). Etcetera says Elektra did try to make it about herself (while Elektra says that if she is Beyonce, Etcetera is Michelle and always safe). Elektra is also calling Scarlet annoying and acting like she’s “hot sh*t.”

Winner: Scarlet Adams (custom prosthetic piece)


  • Anita Wigl’it
  • Kita Mean
  • Maxi Shield

Bottom 2:

  • Coco Jumbo
  • Elektra Shock

Lip Sync For Your Life:

Song: Shake Your Groove Thing (Peaches & Herb)

Elektra starts going wild right away and Coco is shaking everything she has! They’re playing off of one another a ton. Death drop from Elektra, who seems a little erratic. Coco seems a little simple in comparison, but she’s on the beat well. Elektra looks insane, but is selling it. Jump split from Elektra. Elektra gave it more, but was not appealing, while Jumbo gave less and just shook everything, but I was into it.

Eliminated Queen: Coco Jumbo

Coco, in the Werk Room, jokingly says “I still beat Art Simone,” commends the girls for being great.

Now this was business as usual for RuPaul’s Drag Race and I absolutely enjoyed this episode from beginning to end. I didn’t realize how much I actually love this cast and am invested in each of them! Next week looks like it’s a trash to dress design challenge and there is some sort of surprise. They’re also setting up an Elektra vs. Scarlet showdown and, well, sign me up! See ya next week!

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