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Episode 2 – Snatch Game

After what I feel was a lackluster debut due to production missteps, RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under returns this week with the always-anticipated Snatch Game! For newcomers to Drag Race, the challenge is a play on the old show The Match Game where there would be a panel of celebrities who are asked a question and if their responses matched what one of the contestants answered, a point would be awarded. The Snatch Game, first introduced in Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has become a staple of the competition and features queens attempting their best impersonations and comedy. I’m hopeful, but nervous… this production is a bit shoddy so far.

We start off with the Queens returning back to the workroom after Jojo Zaho was eliminated and Karen is doing a bit of a victory lap, which is completely bothering Art Simone. This picks up as the Queens return back to the workroom for Day 2, so there clearly will be something more with that as the season carries on.

Kylie Minogue surprises the Queens as the video plays before Ru walks in and informs them that it is Snatch Game week. The Snatch Game in Episode 2??? Let’s gooooooo! Because we’re in Snatch Game week, no Mini Challenge. We dive into the Queens talking about who is portraying who and we find out that we may get multiple Bindi Irwins (Art Simone and Scarlet). Art is moving forward with her. Others in the mix? Carole Baskin, Jennifer Coolidge, Dr. Seuss (really), and Dolly Parton.

Ru comes in and first talks with Anita, who he is clearly loving (and who is playing Queen Elizabeth II). Coco Jumbo is next up and he shares that he will be playing Lizzo (after Ru says last week’s outfit was rotten). Etcetera Etcetera is doing Lindy Chamberlain, who lost her baby, so bold choice (“A Dingo ate my baby”). Art comes up and confirms he is doing Bindi while also getting Ru to absolutely crack up the entire time.

Mini Challenge: None this week.

Maxi Challenge: The Snatch Game Down Under

Who’s Who?

  • Art Simone – Bindi Irwin
  • Maxi Shield – Magda Szubanski
  • Elektra Shock – Catherine O’Hara
  • Scarlet Adams – Jennifer Coolidge
  • Coco Jumbo – Lizzo
  • Kita Mean – Dr. Seuss
  • Etcetera Etcetera – Lindy Chamberlain
  • Anita Wigl’it – Queen Elizabeth II
  • Karen From Finance – Dolly Parton


Michelle Visage and Rhys Nicholson are serving as the contestants. The stars? Dolly Parton and Bindi Irwin, who both get off to good starts, as does Lizzo. Anita also connects with Ru on Queen Elizabeth II. Jennifer Coolidge gets the laughs, while Catherine O’Hara is just fine. Magda Szubanski (an actress) and Lindy Chamberlain get moderate responses while Dr. Seuss is a miss right off the bat, which doesn’t bode well.

Lindy is the first to respond to the first question and is actually quite funny in a “oh my God we shouldn’t be laughing sort of way.” Dr. Seuss is… fine, and Lizzo hits her mark. Queen Elizabeth is looking phenomenal and is absolutely hilarious. Magda… swing and a miss.

Second question starts with Dolly, who goes on quite the run with her answer, but is not funny at all. Jennifer Collidge, while she doesn’t look like her namesake, brings the laughs. Bindi also decides to take the long route, sadly not sticking the landing. Back to Lindy, who pulls out a bloody dingo puppet. So wrong, but so funny. Bindi gets a layup during this schtick and misses it while Queen Elizabeth makes a quip about wishing a dingo would take her baby and Prince Andrew, clearly delivering.

Next question starts with Magda, who is just fine. Bindi again doesn’t do too great, but Dolly picks up the pieces. Notably, Catherine O’Hara hasn’t been involved whatsoever. Queen Elizabeth, however, is clearly firing on all cylinders. And oh hey, to Catherine we go who is doing a fine impression. Lizzo is meh. 

Final question features Kylie Minogue setting it up and we start with Catherine, who once again gets a match. Lizzo falls flat, only relying on song titles. Back to Queen Elizabeth, once again killing it. Dr. Seuss is speaking in rhymes and actually is quite funny this time around. Anddddd scene.

This was actually a very, very good snatch game. And the queens know it.

Elimination Day

The Queens feel as though Coco is in the bottom, and Coco kind of feels it, too. Kita is thinking he may be in the bottom, as well. Meanwhile, everyone sort of agrees that Anita is taking the win on this one.

We get into a conversation about how supportive everyone’s parents were or weren’t with a big focus on Anita, who didn’t have the support of his father. We get a deep moment with Anita in the confessional when the producers ask what he would say to his dad. Touching moment.

Category Is: Sea-Sickening

Main Runway Reactions

  • Art Simone – “Real Housewives of Atlantis”; green tint to the outfit (seaweed-ish) and looking great, but kind of like a fairy.
  • Maxi Shield – More like a plus-size Marilyn Monroe look, but not seeing the theme whatsoever. She explains that it is “mother of pearls,” but it may be too much of a stretch.
  • Elektra Shock – “Waves crashing down the runway.” She looks great with the seafoam green wig, but it seems simple.
  • Scarlet Adams – “Great Barrier Reef realness.” Honestly, the winner in my book for this runway.
  • Coco Jumbo – Also going for that Ursula look, but it comes across messy.
  • Kita Mean – Ursula-inspired sea witch and looking absolutely phenomenal.
  • Etcetera Etcetera – Comes out with a diver’s helmet on. Looking very Australian Outback, not necessarily undersea. 
  • Anita Wigl’it – Screams upon entrance like a Siren, but instead gives off real magician’s apprentice vibes.
  • Karen From Finance – “High fashion” sequined shark suit. Campy and so unique, taking the top of the mouth that was originally over her head and pulling it down to reveal a red top to the dress.

Winner: Anita (“hands-down winner,” gets $5,000)


  • Kita
  • Etcetera Etcetera

Judges Critiques:

  • Art – Jokes became repetitive with Bindi, learned nothing new. Michelle loved the runway.
  • Coco – Judges didn’t like the Lizzo character because she “didn’t show up to the party.” Ru says it is a missed opportunity. Michelle says the outfit tonight is pretty, but doesn’t tell a story.
  • Maxi – Michelle says that Maxi was Magda completely, but she didn’t do anything with it to make them laugh. Michelle also says that the runway look isn’t elevated.
  • Elektra – Michelle says that she looked nothing like Catherine O’Hara and sounded nothing like her, but engaged the contestants well. Rhys feels like the runway look is basic.
  • Karen – Michelle says she didn’t nail Dolly and Ru says the look was down, as is the shark runway (“gorgeouuuusss”), but Dolly wasn’t there. Disappointing since Karen is a funny queen.
  • Scarlet – Michelle says the voice for Jennifer Coolidge was great, but the look was not great and she should have pushed the jokes more, not just recited her lines. They absolutely love the runway look.


Everyone thinks they’re in danger of being in the Bottom 2, but no worries because Danni Minogue has popped up on the computer. She says to keep going, that every performance isn’t going to be great.

Bottom 2:

  • Coco Jumbo
  • Art Simone

Lip Sync For Your Life:

Song: I’m That Bitch (RuPaul)

Coco just starts undressing immediately and has all of the energy, putting on a show. Art is standing in one place and doing a great job being emotive with her face, but not doing much more. I always think about who I would give my dollar to if I was there and it clearly would go to Coco.

Eliminated Queen: Art Simone

In the Werk Room, Art says “I’m the strongest one here.” The producer says “But you were here…” and Art responds “that means nothing. I will never be able to live this down, ever.

What a truly shocking elimination, especially since I picked Art to go the distance. Art is truly destroyed and bawling her eyes out before she leaves the stage, crying on Karen’s shoulder. It really is sad when you see someone get eliminated from a competition they worked so hard to be in, especially when they’re feeling the pressure. Art is a great performer and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pop up on some version of All Stars at some point. This episode was a full, 180 turn from last week; great comedy, great performances, great suspense. The show still looks like it is being shot in a basement, but I am now excited for episode 3.

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