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A riveting look into the history of negotiations between Israel and its neighbors, The Human Factor is the best kind of information overload and a must-see.

The documentary speaks firsthand with American negotiators who were on the frontlines of negotiating peace agreements between Israelis, Palestinians, Syrians, and other players, revealing a tangled web of history, distrust, progress, and challenge. Filmmaker Dror Moreh cuts deep into history, revealing so much that I didn’t know from there almost being an agreement decades ago to the true bargaining intricacies that have made a “Middle East peace plan” seem so far out of reach. Make no mistake, this is a heavy film in terms of following the key players, milestones, missteps, and atrocities that have occured over the past 25 years.

What I most enjoyed about The Human Factor was the inside look at the people that were at the negotiating tables on all sides, some with questionable motives, but many with the best of intents. It paints efforts of past administrations, both Republican and Democratic, in new lights that should serve as a reminder of the key role that the United States has, can, and should play in the world. 

A deep history lesson in a topic that we hear about on the regular, The Human Factor is intentional, impactful, and a must watch.

The Human Factor will return to theaters this Friday.

Rating: 4/5

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