Review: Pink: All I Know So Far


An intimate look at the challenges and triumphs of motherhood and fame, Pink: All I Know So Far presents Pink unscripted, reflective, and beautifully relatable as she opens up and bares all.

Filmed during the summer of 2019 as Pink’s Beautiful Trauma tour barreled through Europe, director Michael Gracey takes us behind the stage, into the hotel rooms, and up close and personal with the pop performer and her family. Always seen as a rebellious performer with a “take it or leave it” attitude, this documentary focuses on how life has changed for the star over the years, now a mother to daughter Willow (8) and son Jameson (2) as they and husband Carey Hart travel with her throughout the tour. For those unfamiliar with Pink and her fans alike, Pink: All I Know So Far is a refreshingly raw, honest film that splices together casual moments of family time with rehearsals and ultimately performances from the massive stadium tour, complete with looks at dynamic performances from the shows. But it’s in the time before, after, and between performances that we see Pink the mother as she plays with, disciplines, and praises her children while revealing the challenges and her efforts to balance home and career. 

It is hard not to be absolutely enthralled with Pink and her family; each of the children are full of personality and spunk in their own right while the respect and admiration between the parents is palpable. Pink’s attitude towards life is on full display as she speaks without restraint about her younger years and the experiences that made her the person she is today. There is a warmth throughout the film that disarms the viewer and invites personal reflection along with the artist, at least that was my experience. In baring all, it’s almost as though you are given permission to do the same, leading to multiple tears shed in what was a surprisingly cathartic experience that reinforces Pink’s career-long message of staying true to yourself while learning and growing.

Debuting on Amazon Prime Video tomorrow, Pink: All I Know So Far is an absolute must-watch.

Rating: 5/5

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