Review: Four Good Days


Mila Kunis’ standout performance is simply not enough to distract from a lack of originality and a phoned-in performance from Glenn Close, supported heavily by a dollar store wig.

Four Good Days is based on a true story from a Washington Post article that detailed a young woman’s battles with drug abuse and her mother’s last efforts to get her help. There is great intent within the script and the whole outing that falls flat almost from the very beginning. Glenn Close, portraying Mila Kunis’ mother, is not convincing in the least, delivering her lines with an absence of authenticity and manufactured emotion that doesn’t come close to seeming real. It doesn’t help that she has a cheap-looking web of hair sitting on her head that is nothing but distracting. It is Kunis here that deserves all of the praise for the heavy lifting she is doing from start to finish, not only in terms of her physical transformation and mannerisms, but the portrayal of the emotional roller coaster her character finds herself on. Known mostly for comedic roles, Kunis absolutely delivers one of the best (if not THE best) performance of her career, but is let down by laughable dialogue, a scene partner largely absent, and the feeling that we have seen this all before (hey, Ben is Back).

With all that said, these are important stories to be told and deserve as much time on the screen as any other film. To see an actress break the mold of expectation such as Kunis did here is quite the enjoyable journey, even at her character’s lowest of lows that are agonizing to watch. Four Good Days ultimately fails to reach the emotional levels that it strives for, instead finding itself relegated to the forgotten films of time.

Four Good Days is now playing in theaters.

Rating: 2/5

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