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One of the nice things about smartphones is that there are actually some helpful apps out there besides the soul-sucking social media platforms that melt our souls and have us checking them religiously. Here are three that I use on a regular basis and would recommend to anybody.

Disclaimer: These are simply my picks and not associated with any sponsorship or agreement with the apps listed, though Guy At The Movies loves free t-shirts and is open to sponsorships in the future 🙂

Atom Tickets

Atom Tickets is a fantastic ticketing service that, since I started using it back in 2019, has become my go-to when not using my subscription at Regal Cinemas. Like a bunch of other ticketing apps, you have the ability to search for and purchase movie tickets at supporting theaters (the list of which has grown significantly over time), but there are some other positives to it:

  • Ease of Use – Atom Tickets is a very simple app to navigate and even simpler to use when purchasing tickets, from selecting the movie time to securing your seats. It automatically populates your ticket through the app, will text it to you, and gives you the option to invite others (something it did before it became the cool feature to have). You also can order your concessions, which hey, works for me!
  • Playing Next – One of the features I very much enjoy when I have free time, want to find a movie, and we’re not in the middle of a pandemic is the ability to see what is starting soon at your selected theater. This is a nice option if you’re just looking for something random to watch and soon. Again, this is great when there are more options out there.
  • Returns – Look, sometimes things come up and you can’t make the movie. Atom was the first app, in my opinion, to make the process of returning your ticket simpler than ever before. You have the option of getting a full refund of Atom Cash (to be used on the app in the future), or a refund to your method of payment less the fees. It has come in handy quite a bit, even if I used it to select a later showing.

Learn more at

After Credits

How many times have you been sitting there during the credits of a movie and wondered “will there actually be a scene once these names stop scrolling?” Countless times, especially if you’re a fan of superhero films, which basically use this tactic all of the time. After Credits is a user-powered app that allows you to search for the film you’re seeing and learn whether there is either a mid-credits scene or an after credits scene. You can also check user-submitted spoilers, if that’s your type of thing. Check the back catalogue of films, as well!

Download the After Credits app on your iPhone today.

Noovie Trivia

The truth is that I used to play games on my phone CONSTANTLY, but i’ve pretty much grown out of that. That is, until Noovie started hitting us with those Maria Menounos segments before movies and pushing different types of movie-related games over the year. Noovie Trivia is the trivia app for film lovers, offering quite a bit:

  • Profile – Track your progress and share it with others to brag. Also use your points to purchase snazzy badges (mine simply says BOOM!)
  • Multiple Modes – Play Name That Movie, where you have to… name the movie… based on a picture shown and clues that you can use earned points for. Or play Shuffle, a mode where you may have to arrange films based on release year or match the actor to the film (and other options). It’s a lot of fun and also very stressful due to the time ticking away (help!).
  • Endless – Noovie touts an endless array of questions and look, I plan on finding out if that’s true. So far there is no end in sight.
  • Motion Picks – Vote on different types of polls like “Was A Good Batman?” and “A Big Jerk In Film?”

Learn more at

Whatever you do, get your phones a-ready because theaters are firing back up and we have a loaded calendar of releases coming our way!

Again, Guy At The Movies is in no way associated with any of the apps discussed, but our email is open for future partnership and t-shirts 🙂

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