Jupiter’s Legacy Recap From Dom – Episodes 6, 7, & 8

Each week, Dom from Talkin’ TV be recapping Netflix’s newest superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy, exploring the ins and outs of Mark Millar adaptation. 

EPISODE 6 – Cover Her Face, EPISODE 7 – Omnes Pro Uno, EPISODE 8 – How It All Ends

And it comes to a close, as all things must, but with a twist! As we end this rather surprisingly enjoyable new alternative superhero series, the writing seems to be on the wall, as a maximum of nobody has been talking about this show. It really does suck how, in the year 2021, a show has to be the biggest and most talked about thing the instant it hits the public consciousness in order for it to be received and respected and even get renewed. But alas, Jupiter’s Legacy, while problematic, dared to do something different with its story. And so, for these last three episodes, we have our characters finally coming full circle, or so we think, with some secrets being revealed, but a whole lot more being left to the chance that it gets renewed, which as unfortunate as this is, is becoming more and more of a thing associated with television of yester-years.

Rather than do a detailed breakdown of each episode, I’ll consolidate so we can get to my final thoughts on the series. In Episode 6, entitled “Cover her Face,” sees Sheldon and his team, consisting of Grace, Walter, George & Fitz, hiring a ship captain to take them to find the mysterious island from his visions, while in the present, Grace finds herself questioning Sheldon’s precious code when she unleashes against a supervillain who kills Ghostbeam. In Episode 7, “Omnes Pro Uno” The crew, joined by ship wrecked victim Richard, journey across the mysterious island, revealing secrets from their past, until they manage to find its source and gain their powers, while in the present, Walter brings in his daughter, assassin Raiku, to assist them in digging into the Blackstar clone’s mind to find out who created him. And finally, we have the grand finale, episode 8, entitled “How It all Ends,” fittingly so. Upon breaching into the Blackstar clone’s mind, Walter finds himself face to face with his old frenemy, George, supposedly behind it all. Hutch & Chloe get the last gizmo piece to finish his machine for…reasons, while Sheldon & Brandon face off against the original Blackstar, who’s somehow managed to escape from prison. It all culminates in GASP, a twist that Walter, not George, is behind everything.

In conclusion, Jupiter’s Legacy is memorable for the different types of storytelling methods it applies to a genre that is becoming more trite and boring and predictable with each passing day, but ultimately, like so many other debut Netflix shows, does not have enough steam to carry it through to a compelling finish line. The show ultimately cannot decide whether it wants to be a period piece origin story or a finger wagging morally grey piece about the old versus the new. So it does the typical Netflix thing and tries to have it both ways, which ultimately provides for an engaging, but confusing and rather lackluster project. The period piece elements with Sheldon leading the crew on the journey that will result in them having superpowers works because it focuses around a character going through an internal struggle who has to go on some sort of journey in order to achieve a goal, you know, storytelling. But for the life of me, I have no idea what the modern day storylines are trying to do. They seem to be embodying the worst of the MCU, in that they’re trying to be morally grey without actually having the subject matter to back it up, mixed with characters who don’t get the proper development, topped off by a twist setting up for the next thing, all tried and true for other superhero properties, but for something that seemed to be going in a different direction, it feels very unfulfilling. It results in a confusing watch, that’s rewarding at certain points, that depends too much on future seasons that may or may not happen in order to best understand it, all of which ends up being more detrimental than anything else.

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