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EPISODE 2 – Paper & Stone, EPISODE 3 – Painting the Clouds with Sunshine

And how the plot thickens! In the premiere, we were introduced to the Sampson family, and rather than giving us an in depth exploration of their residual effect in the world, the show chose to remain focused on fleshing out the characters, their inner dynamics and how their perception of the world compares to how it really is. This is continued in the subsequent episodes, Episode 2 “Paper & Stone” and Episode 3 “Painting the Clouds with Sunshine.”

Episode 2 opens up with a funeral of all the Union members who died in the fight against Blackstar. Brandon makes a speech about losing his friends, before Sheldon admonishes him more for breaking their code. It’s pretty standard as far as how these characters are playing into the character traits that were set up for them before: Sheldon as the overly cautious stick in the mud who will not stand for any sort of breaking or bending the rules, even at the cost of his own life, versus Brandon, who loves and adores his dad, but can’t quite live up to the perfect standards his dad has set in place. The reverse of this story is that of the flashbacks to the 1930’s, which have officially been positioned as the B-plot of this entire show. Continuing after the Stock Market crash and the death of their father, Sheldon & Walter find themselves struggling with the facade that their father put up as opposed to his more sinister dealings he had behind the scenes in order to provide for their wealth and expansion: ripping off his own worker’s pensions for the company’s expansion. It’s this very thing that sets Sheldon on the path that will eventually lead him to becoming the Utopian, his attempt to right the wrongs that his father did in order to keep up appearances, which also results in his first meeting of Grace, at the time a reporter who wrote the story that exposed the elder Sampson’s wrong doings. It’s this very mentality that a lot of kids today are struggling with as they enter the job force: struggling with the realities of life and what has to be done as opposed to doing the right thing. It results in Sheldon having a seizure after seeing a ghostly image of his father, who starts taunting him.

Episode 3 introduces us to two new characters, both of whom will be revealed to be extremely important in the journeys of the main characters. In the past, we’re introduced to George Hutchence (Matt Lanter), a close friend of Sheldon’s who, despite his outward introduction as a pompous socialite, is legitimately worried about his friend, but is also torn between what everyone tells him is happening to Sheldon, versus what he’s seeing happen to him with his own eyes. Either way, one thing becomes immediately clear about George: he’s an opportunist, someone who always sees the benefit to him in everything, including in Sheldon’s seeming deteriorating mental state, which results in a series of cryptic drawings that could mean something more. In the present, we follow a whole new crew of criminals who seem like your typical down and out, obviously Canadian crew (one of them even cameos in Kim’s Convenience, do better with covering up Toronto, Netflix) who are led by a mysterious guy named Hutch who has a magical teleporting stick. He owes money to all the wrong people, and him and his crew go through a series of events that result in one bad scenario after another, but it results in a chance encounter that is far more revealing of his character than one would think. While there was certainly a lot of exposition dropped in these past two episodes, the show is continuing with its bold direction forward by focusing on the mystery surrounding both timelines in order to keep its story engrossing and forward moving, and it’s especially rewarding in the day of streaming to have something that can actually grip you.

Reviews for the remaining episodes of Jupiter’s Legacy will be released on Thursday and Friday.

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