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Each week, Dom from Talkin’ TV be recapping Netflix’s newest superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy, exploring the ins and outs of Mark Millar adaptation. The fun starts when the series drops Friday!

On Friday, streaming audiences are being introduced to the next piece of alternative superhero canon, entitled “Jupiter’s Legacy” on Netflix. The show follows a superhero family that have been around since the 1930’s attempting to deal with the legacy that their superpowered children are set to inherit. The show is created by Steven S. DeKnight, the man behind the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil as well as the much maligned Pacific Rim: Uprising. The show looks to have a very grand scale and much higher budget than Netflix has given before, and, as stated above, looks to be another installment in the slowly growing alternative superhero genre that seeks to ask the greater questions that the bigger properties associated with Marvel & DC usually avoid.

This interesting phenomena started shortly after the release of Avengers: Endgame, with the release of Season 1 of the Boys on Amazon. Properties that, despite being about superheroes, did not seem as focused on the action, spectacle or fun that had been dominating the big screens for the last ten years. Instead, these shows, in addition to their smaller budget, seemed much more interested in telling stories about the little people, the everyday folks who have to deal with these larger than life forces each and everyday. The Boys focuses on superheroes as power hungry, ego driven, mostly psychopathic celebrity figures who are protected by a giant corporation that seems determined to use them to push their agenda, attacking the idea of audience’s reverement of superheroes as celebrity as well as getting at something deeper as to why we have idols in the first place. Late 2019 also saw the release of Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen, a sequel that, while mostly adhering and paying homage to Alan Moore’s comic, provides a timely story that takes place entirely in an alternative 2019 in which the effects of a giant squid attack on New York has long lasting traumatic effects on certain people, while others are still dealing with the after effects of new racial barriers set up by the government in a supposed attempt to protect them from domestic terrorist attacks. Sound familiar? And just this year, audiences were treated to another alternative superhero property with Amazon’s “Invincible,” an animated coming of age superhero show about the son of a legendary, Superman-esque figure who finds himself developing super powers, but discovers that these powers come with a lot more headaches than previously thought, resulting in plenty of blood filled gore and action. While the most traditional of these shows, Invincible still seeks to establish its own mythos that contains many of the deconstructionist elements audiences have experienced in the last two years.

Now, all of this is to say that the superhero genre is evolving, and it has to if it wants to remain the center of culture that way it has these last ten years. What Jupiter’s Legacy seeks to add to it is still up in the air, but considering its the first of a series of properties that Netflix will be adapting from famed comic book writer Mark Millar, who’s works have been brought to the big screen in the forms of “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” needless to say it will not be a squeaky clean, traditional story either. It looks to be continuing to tell a story about our examination and obsession with idols, as the Jupiter family appears to have achieved god-like status, while their children would rather live normal lives. The only apprehension I could see happening is if the show goes the direction that so many other Netflix shows have been guilty of, which is sacrificing its current story for setting up for future seasons that may not happen, due to Netflix’s sole focus on current properties rather than investing in series that can continue for long periods of time. Whatever the case may be, it will certainly be worth checking out, as any new superhero property that isn’t attached to Marvel or DC is. Jupiter’s Legacy premieres on Friday, May 7th on Netflix.

Reviews for all eight episodes of Jupiter’s Legacy will be released starting Friday and following on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week.

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