Awards Watch With MathTeacherMovies – May 17th, 2021: Golden Globes – What Does This Mean?

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The big announcement finally happened that so many movie awards fans were waiting for. It simultaneously felt like it would never happen yet it also seemed inevitable: NBC will not be broadcasting the Golden Globe Awards this year due to all of its problematic overtones.  

It’s no secret that the group behind the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, already lacked any sort of credibility or prestige. Their nominees were measured more by fame than talent and the members of the HFPA knowingly took bribes in exchange for nominations so that they could hang out with famous people (Google Emily in Paris + Golden Globes – you’ll see what I mean).

The HFPA’s lack of transparency surrounding how they vote or choose the nominees has recently come under fire. Not to reference Emily in Paris again, but this is a perfect example of a lackluster show that was nominated for a Globe. It was hard to understand why Emily was nominated over something much more deserving like  I May Destroy You until the news came out that members of the HFPA were treated to a lavish trip to Paris in exchange for a nomination and the lack of diversity in the HFPA didn’t hurt. 

To that end, a lot of criticism was directed towards the HFPA due to the fact that they are made up of a small group of all-white members. When the majority of nominees are white, there’s adequate and confirmed suspicion of bias at best and racism at worst. 

It was always baffling why the Globes were always allowed to set such a precedence for the rest of the awards season. The nominees are so frequently outlandish that they either send buzz into a tailspin or just leave everyone guessing. It was never a prestigious award show but a stepping stone that was frequently not given attention or given too much attention. 

So why did this happen now? Is it too late? Honestly, let’s all just be happy they are no longer televised. The biggest question is that now that it will no longer be televised, what will awards season look like with the Globes in the front?

On one hand, not much will change. The Golden Globes are not cancelled, they are just not televised. This will mean that they will certainly drop in popularity but the news of the winners will still travel. After all, a movie’s buzz usually starts at film festivals and slowly gains steam throughout awards season of which the Golden Globes are usually a part. So, this could have the potential to affect the awards season in that the Globes will no longer tip scales. Truthfully, I think the Screen Actors Guild, Producers Guild, Directors Guild, and Writers Guild awards will become essential barometers for awards season as many of those voting in these guilds will be similar to those casting votes in the Oscars. 

The Golden Globes have only had negative effects on every awards season as they often start conversation and buzz that leads the awards season down an unsatisfying rabbit hole, but there is no denying that next season’s buzz will be shook up, but I will be there to get you through it and have some fun along the way. 

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