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Another strange Easter holiday this year as COVID-19 continues to be part of our lives, but for those that celebrate and are able to get together, this day is all about family. And what brings families together? MOVIES! Here are the top 4 Easter movie recommendations from Guy At The Movies.

FOUR – HOP (2011)

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What happens when the Easter Bunny’s teenage son (E.B.) goes to Hollywood in hopes of achieving his dream of becoming a rock ‘n’ roll drummer? Well, he befriends James Marsden (an actor who clearly loves working with CGI creatures) after he hits him with his car. Hilarity and fun ensues. Russell Brand provides the voice for E.B. and leads the stacked cast that includes Kaley Cuoco, Gary Cole, Hugh Laurie, David Hasselhoff, Chelsea Handler, and more. Stream Hop today on Netflix.


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Beatrix Potter’s classic tale comes to life in this James Corden-fronted update that blends live-action with crisp animation. Come for the laughs, stay for… well… more laughs! This is a film that will please kids and adults alike. Rent Peter Rabbit today on digital or VOD.


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DreamWorks Animation burst onto the scene in 1998, first with Antz (arguably a knock-off of A Bug’s Life), then a few months later with The Prince of Egypt. The beautifully animated film boasts a stellar voice cast including Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sandra Bullock, expertly retelling the story of the Book of Exodus. Though it lacks appropriate cultural and racial representation among the cast, this story is one that will stick with you. Watch The Prince of Egypt free on Pluto TV or on Peacock.


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While not a movie, this 30-minute special is an offshoot of the popular Ice Age films focuses on Sid, Manny, and crew setting out to rescue stolen eggs from the pirate bunny Squint, in turn going on the world’s first egg hunt. Is it cheesy? Of course. Is it smile-inducing? Absolutely. Watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade today on Disney+.

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