Review: Without Remorse


A weakly-scripted adaptation of the source material devoid of heart and any semblance of committee acting, Without Remorse is an unfortunate boring misfire from beginning to end.

When his wife is murdered in their home, a Navy Seal (Michael B. Jordan) uncovers a plot that is ultimately larger than his personal grief, threatening to throw the United States and Russia into war. With the exception of the Harrison Ford films in the early 1990s, studios have continuously failed to establish any traction with adaptations of Tom Clancy’s novels for the big screen (though Amazon has seen success in series). Without Remorse is no exception, starting out with a bang in the first ten minutes that piques the interest, but quickly squandering it with a subpar film. Jordan himself has seen better days in the acting department, as has Jodie Turner-Smith’s, the latter of which delivers a performance as Lt. Commander Karen Greer that is absolutely unconvincing. They’re certainly not given any aid from the script, which while ambitious, gets bogged down in run-of-the-mill dialogue that is brought to life half-heartedly by most of the cast, with the exception of Guy Pearce and Jamie Bell. Continuous leaps in logic and rushed scene development leaves more to be desired; every scene leads to convenient plot development communicated through the characters out of nowhere. Writer Taylor Sheridan seems to have phoned it in.

The one positive for the film is the action sequences. While familiar in the choreography, each fight scene is intense and well-acted. Overall, however, the casting is utterly uninspired and, with a cast that seems half checked-out, it’s tough to ever check-in.

Without Remorse streams on Amazon Prime Video Friday.

Rating: 2/5

Photo from Amazon Prime Video

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