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An intriguing premise is mined for anything that can make the story a feature-length documentary in Why Did You Kill Me?, a tragic tale commandeered for subpar filmmaking.

Why Did You Kill Me? follows the family of the late Crystal Theobald, a young 24-year-old woman who was murdered by a gang member in California as they try to track down who did it. The crux of the film focuses on the used of the social networking platform MySpace to befriend and deceptively question members of a prominent Riverside, California gang about the murder. While interesting and ultimately satisfying in that justice is achieved, the film itself doesn’t have much meat to it, instead slogging through minute details and seemingly leaving out others. What you’re left with is Dateline episode stretched into an exploitative film that tries hard to force the viewer’s attention on their intended narrative as a distraction from less sexy, dramatic information.

The individuals involved each deserved more dissection as drugs, violence, and even threats of mass murder are touched on, but never explored thoroughly. In the end, Why Did You Kill Me? is more of a disservice to the main subject than documentary with any real meaning or impact. 

Why Did You Kill Me? Is streaming now on Netflix.

Rating: 1/5

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