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Warning: Horniness will destroy humanity. What starts as an intriguing combination of Lord of the Flies and Passengers, mixed with a dash of Gravity, fails to maintain the its momentum, but still delivers a worthwhile sci-fi outing bolstered by strong performances from Lily-Rose Depp and Tye Sheridan.

A group of laboratory-bred young adults begin to question everything they’ve been told as their ship speeds through space towards a planet that could hold the key to mankind’s survival. Colin Farrell serves as the babysitter of sorts of this group of youngsters that are one step of the 86-year journey towards the new world, their future grandchildren the ones who are intended to lead the way upon arrival. When emotions become uninhibited, a slow build towards chaos breeds paranoia and anger, splitting the ship’s inhabitants. Farrell acting seems to be getting better with age while Depp and Sheridan put in inspired performances that showcase their young talents. They are the bright spots in a very young cast that doesn’t rise to meet the level of their leads.

I actually find myself quite fond of this film. Though it slows in the middle and follows a somewhat familiar trope, writer/director Neil Burger has put together an exceptionally well-crafted cinematic escape that features beautiful sets and camera work. What Voyagers ultimately aims to communicate is a message of hope, that even when we as humanity stray from the intended path, good can always reroute us back. It’s a message that you can see coming from the first minutes of the film, but one that is always welcome, in my opinion. If anything, Voyagers left me wanting to explore this new world more.

Voyagers hits theaters tomorrow.

Rating: 3/5

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