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A fresh, intelligently funny film that explores love from an unorthodox angle, Together Together exudes undeniable charm from beginning to end.

Ed Helms stars as a single man in his 40s who hires a young woman (Patti Harrison) as his surrogate. Together they navigate the ins and outs of their contracted relationship and the boundaries within it. Ed Helms and Patti Harrison are an absolutely perfect pairing, with Helms performing at the top of his game (dare I say this is his best performance?) while Harrison is a true standout. Together Together is a look at an increasingly common challenge to the perceived norms of parenthood and love, woven together here beautifully by writer/director Nikole Beckwith. Everything simply clicks, from the health check-ups to the familial interactions, grounded by a realistic understanding of both of the lead characters. 

And it is quite funny! Together Together will not have you rolling on the floor laughing, but its smart humor elicits chuckles throughout. This is especially true when Julio Torres is on screen with Harrison as her coworker; he is simply a comedic gem with his deadpan delivery of each and every line. Helms, too, surprises with a more grounded humor that shies away from the common silliness we’ve come to expect from him in favor of a more relatable, honest turn.

Together Together is a joy, a snapshot of the modern day, and a mirror to anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the proverbial pieces to fall into place before moving forward with your life (Helms delivers a heartfelt, show-stopping monologue a third of the way through). This film caught me off guard in all of the best ways.

Together Together is now playing in limited theaters.

Rating 5/5

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