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A surprisingly grounded horror-thriller that allows its subjects to breathe, Things Heard & Seen is an effective slow burn that maintains the intrigue and delivers the frights.

A young artist (Amanda Seyfried) suspects that her family’s new home is inhabited by spirits while her marriage is thrown into turmoil. A film with a mysterious story that unravels throughout, Things Heard & Seen relies not on expected jump scares and generic frights, rather it takes the time to flesh out its characters as the tension methodically builds towards a shocking, satisfying conclusion. Seyfried is stupendous, expertly exploring the troubled emotions of her character who only grows more wary as she unearths the truths. James Norton matches her performance his deep dive into his own character, a slightly controlling, narcissistic man chasing success and quickly devolving into a shell of his former self. Backed my an eclectic supporting cast, 

Things Heard & Seen is very well edited and paced, aided by a complimentary soundtrack and excellent cinematography; some of the shots outside in a scenic snow-ridden landscape, among others, are up there with the most beautiful in recent cinematic memory. Though the film ultimately is about twenty minutes too long, this is a captivating adaptation of the source material (All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage). Twists and turns aplenty, Things Heard & Seen is an intelligent thriller that is sure to please, one that I truly wish could have been experienced in theaters.

Things Heard & Seen streams tomorrow, only on Netflix.

Rating: 4/5

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