Review: The Father


If you’re looking for the sensation of hyperventilating after an emotional wallop of a story and just haven’t found the right instigator, may I recommend the absolutely breathtaking film The Father, complete with two of the best performances in recent memory thanks to Olivia Coleman and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Director Florian Zeller crafts a uniquely enthralling look into the realities of a man (Hopkins) struggling with dementia and the impact on his family (Coleman) in what can only be described as devastatingly beautiful in execution. Zeller takes the topic at hand and carefully brings a puzzling (by intent) script to life that grabs hold of your senses and attention all at once. Hopkins not only brings the character to life, he puts in perhaps the best performance of his remarkable career, opposite the devastatingly visceral performance by Coleman. The Father is a film both honest and raw, while also being hauntingly authentic to the experiences within the portrayals.

Few films have ever felt as powerfully conductive of human emotions as The Father triumphantly accomplishes. As the credits rolled, the sum of all that I had just witnessed replayed like as though it were a striking montage in my head, leaving me in a state of full-on explosive tears (that I find myself holding back even as I write). The Father is a stunning work of art that must not be missed.

The Father is playing in select theaters and is available on digital and VOD.

Rating: 5/5

Photo from Roger Ebert

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