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NOBODY (2021)

Short story long, Nobody is that weird cousin to the John Wick movies that packs all of the action one would expect without much of a fleshed-out storyline. That won’t stop you from having a great time.

Bob Odenkirk stars as a mild-mannered, seemingly harmless family man who spins into a violent rage following a home break-in, bringing his past to the present. As far as funny action thrillers go, Nobody packs a punch. If you’re looking for any depth in the story, you’re out of luck. Odenkirk has a quirky vibe to him that didn’t quite connect with me in terms of the violence he engages in. His character is one talented killer for sure, but I don’t buy him as the ruthless guy we’re being told that he is. On top of that, his humor (and that of the entire film) was hit and miss. One exception to this observation is Christopher Lloyd, who plays Odenkirk’s father. His mere presence heightened the excitement.

But the true skinny about the film is this: nothing about the trailers should have communicated “well thought-out action thriller.” What you get is John Wick-style fast-paced fighting that rescues the slower parts of the film. It all results in a fun ride that culminates in a highly entertaining third act with some Home Alone vibes. Lloyd again is an absolute pleasure on screen, looking as though he his having the time of his life with the role.

Kitty cat bracelet aside, there is something here that begs for more exploration. Nobody didn’t totally do it for me, but I fully expect that this uneven outing is the beginning of a burgeoning franchise that will rake in the dough. Can you say “crossover?”

Nobody is now playing in theaters.

Rating: 3/5

Photo from Roger Ebert

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