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Each Wednesday, Joe from @guyatthemovies will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Superman & Lois following the show’s airing on Tuesdays at 9pm EST on The CW.

After a strong start over the course of the first three episodes, Superman & Lois is up, up, and away! This week, Lois continues her deep dive into Morgan Edge’s true intentions while Clark continues to balance life with being Superman. Edge inches closer and closer to securing the mining rights to Smallville while also setting his sights on Lana. All of this and, I am sad to say, it looks like Superman & Lois is not above the Smallville-tested “freak of the week” model. Time to dive in!

Spoiler warning!

This week’s episode finally gives us some idea of what Morgan Edge is up to, but not before we dive into some good old-fashioned Smallville Crows football! Edge is there with Kyle and the mayor while Lois is in the stands and Clark is serving as the assistant coach for his first game. Edge locks his eyes on Lana, who is coaching cheerleading, and asks Kyle to invite her to dinner with them. General Lane shows up and sits with Lois just as Jordan is called into the game and puts on one heck of a performance. General Lane senses something is not right here and asks Lois if there is something she’s not telling him. Spoiler: yeah, she’s not telling him that Jordan has powers. Later, Sam is talking to the twins and makes sure they know that their father’s role as Superman is incredibly important. More on that later.

Of course there is another threat out there as Superman’s absence in Metropolis has resulted in the need to move some of the high-priority inmates, such as Thaddeus Killgrave. The psycho escapes and ultimately lures Superman to a public park where he uses a sonic wave gun to attempt to subdue him. It works. Elsewhere, however, the twins go to yet another party. The wide receiver, Tag, who was injured at the keg party in the first episode starts shaking uncontrollably, his arm seemingly healing and, when cut with a knife, the shaking heals that wound, too. Jon notices something is up and is keeping his eye on the previously-injured wide receiver while Sarah and Jordan get closer. When he heads off looking for Jon, Jordan finds him and Tag, the latter of which is shaking uncontrollably. Jordan thinks that he did it to him when there was the blast at the keg party and goes over to try to hold him still to help him. Jordan is thrown down and injured, so Jon calls for Clark using his beeper-thingy. Clark overpowers Killgrave (rather easily and without much challenge), then swoops in and grabs Tag, taking him high into the sky above the clouds to “help calm him down.” Tag has been taken to the Department of Defense, explains General Lane, before he is sent to a school for kids with abilities, a la Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in Marvel land (I bet you Jordan ends up there at some point). He goes on to inform the twins that when the explosion happened at Keg Party #1 because of Jordan’s heat vision, there was a yellow phosphorus substance that they believed caused it. WHAT COULD IT BE?

Clark is mad that the kids waited so long to call for his help, leading to him finding out that Sam basically told them to let their dad help the world. Clark confronts Sam and Lois is PISSSSEEDDD because General Lane doesn’t understand Clark is struggling to be a parent and Superman at the same time, something Sam never did (balance). Sam leaves, seemingly not welcome back at the farm.

It should be noted that one constant of the series thus far has been General Lane’s annoyance over Clark trying to balance his family life with being Superman, which had a direct impact on a lot of the events in this episode. He even tells him at one point, “The military is terrified of you. I’m the one that keeps you in check.” Not much of a vote of confidence, eh?

Also this hour, Lois confronts Edge at the mines. When she asks why he’s in Smallville, he poses the same and threatens to figure out why her family is there. His creepiness is becoming more and more palpable every episode and is on full display when he is at dinner with the Cushings and the mayor. Edge has dived deep into Lana’s file and asks her if she doesn’t aspire to anything more than what she is doing in the small town, upsetting Lana and not even impacting Kyle, leading to a fight. When she runs into Lois at the town council meeting, where the mining rights were approved for Edge and company, she invites Lois out for a drink (shots). Lois, pissed that Clark was off trying to find Killgrave and couldn’t show up to voice opposition to the mining proposal, says “booze it up” after a minor tiff with Clark. Lois and Lana are ripping shots and commiserating, and Lana tells Lois that she brings out the best in Clark. Lois says that while Kyle hates her, she admires how he loves Smallville.

The next morning (seemingly), Kyle makes pancakes for the girls as Lana slept in. Clearly influenced by Lois telling her the night before that she respects Kyle’s love for Smallville, she looks at him with a new twinkle in her eye. Love is in the air at the farm, as well, where Clark surprises Lois with a special dinner in the barn. He’s being incredibly romantic when her phone rings. General Lane is on the other side of the line with a situation that will likely get bad in the next hour. Lois tells Clark to go and he promises he’ll be fast. 

We then pan back to General Lane who brings that pendant out that he was given by Captain Luthor. He makes a call and instructs that a new protocol is opened for a contingency plan to be called “7734”. It seems General Lane is ready to take advantage of the military’s apprehension with his Kryptonian son-in-law.

The biggest piece of the episode is saved until the very end. Morgan Edge finds a spot in the mine that he has Leslie Larr (the superpowered crazy from last week) punch through. There is a lot of that yellow substance in there (presumably what was referenced earlier in the episode) that he calls X-Kryptonite, which he says is enough to build an army. So Edge wants to build a crazy army of super-powered people? For what? And with who?

Aside from the big reveal at the end that gives us an idea of where this season is going, this week’s episode very much felt like a filler. We kind of played the greatest hits of the first three while sprinkling in new tidbits here and there. Killgrave was a massive bust and didn’t really have much to do here while the show seems to have introduced a “freak of the week” direction, first made popular by Smallville where it ultimately became super annoying. I fear that we are going to see a lot more of this as Edge does whatever he needs to do to build an army, which is really going to frustrate me because I HAVE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE! Rather than continuing to expand the cast of crazies, focus on Captain Luthor (absent from this episode) and Edge. That’s all I want! 

While not great, this week’s Superman & Lois wasn’t terrible. This is the unfortunate reality of television shows that aren’t given the same budget and time as those on streaming; many episodes underperform. Let’s see what next week has in store.

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