Review: Yes Day

YES DAY (2021)

Netflix’s latest family film is put-a-smile-on-your-face fun with energetic performances and an entertaining premise, though it slows significantly in the second half.

A couple (Jennifer Garner and Èdgar Ramírez) who is used to taking chances and doing wild things have found themselves saying “no” with three kids in the house. They decide to have a “yes day” where anything goes (within boundaries) and the kids are in control. Garner and Ramírez are delightful in this film, as is the rest of the cast, especially Everly Carganilla. As the youngest daughter, her sweet demeanor and contagious smile absolutely steals the show. Nat Faxon’s supporting role is beyond hilarious, as are some of the other contributors. Based on the book of the same name, Yes Day is a pure family film that touches on the challenges of parenting while focusing on the importance of family itself. While you may have to suspend belief a little bit, it is well worth it.

The second half of the film suffers from an overload of emotional undertones that replaces much of the fun experienced in the first half. While still enjoyable, a sluggish crawl to the end will have you checking the time in an already short movie (oh, and there is a furry in the background of a scene which is… a questionable choice). Ultimately, however, Yes Day is that rare, nostalgic family film that combines ounces of Yes Man and Mrs. Doubtfire to deliver a solid outing.

Yes Day hits Netflix this Friday.

Rating: 3/5

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