Review: Cosmic Sin


In the pantheon of bad sci-fi films, there have certainly been some doozies. After Earth. Battlefield Earth. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. But Edward Drake’s futuristic debacle may have just stolen the crown.

500 years in the future, humans have colonized a number of planets and are continuing to mine until hostile aliens arrive on the scene. General Ryle (Frank Grillo) calls retired General James Ford (Bruce Willis) to help end the threat. Honestly, it may be best to think of Cosmic Sin as Armageddon, but instead of an asteroid you have aliens. It is tough to know where to begin. The script is insanely poor, relying on jokes that never land and an utter lack of originality in the dialogue (“I’ve been thinking, one guy says, to which Willis responds “did it hurt?”). Yes, that line certainly did. While the effects are borderline decent for the low-budget outing, the space suits look like recycled cosplay outfits affixed to onesies. The only redeeming quality in design may be the aliens themselves, who you don’t get a solid look at until late. 

Grillo spends the majority of the film off-screen or floating around in space, though that part is not incredibly clear. Willis, for his part, seems to be completely phoning it in and uninterested in even an ounce of effort. 

I am a huge fan of every creative being given an outlet and the ability to tell their story, but at some point the failure of script, design, story, and acting is almost insulting to the audience. Cosmic Sin is an utter disaster on Earth, in the Cosmos, and wherever those aliens came from. Poor aliens.

Cosmic Sin is available this Friday on VOD.

Rating: 1/5

Photo from SyFy Wire

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