Review: Boss Level


Another time loop film, but this time with a ton of action that offers a different take on a familiar trope while delivering a satisfying popcorn flick.

Frank Grillo stars as a man who continuously wakes up on the day of his death, over and over again. As he searches for answers, he must avoid the countless people trying to kill him. An alternative summary of Boss Level would be “Frank Grillo repeatedly dies in new and creative ways after killing a ton of people.” This fast-paced action thriller never lets up on the gas, which probably makes the film seem better than it is, not giving the audience a chance to see the plot holes that are riddled throughout. It doesn’t matter in the end, however, because Grillo carries the day. Oh, and Mel Gibson is there, too, as the head of a secret government program, though he is not in it a bunch. 

Popcorn flicks are meant to be fun to watch, ice distractions from whatever is going on in life, and never to be taken too seriously. Boss Level absolutely satisfies this criteria. For those that love action films with creative killings, you’ll have a great time. New and groundbreaking, it is not. Wildly entertaining? Absolutely.

Boss Level is now available on Hulu.

Rating: 3/5

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