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WandaVision is now a mockumentary styled sitcom! And what a fun time it was as Marvel created an entertaining episode in the first half, before making some major developments by laying the groundwork for the future of the MCU.

I had so much fun with this episode. Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn shined in their interviews, letting their comedic talents soar. This was easily one of the funniest episodes to date, truly letting the sitcom elements of the show give us the most insight into the character’s feelings with some great laughs along the way. While I missed seeing Darcy with Monica and Woo as they made such a great trio in the previous episodes, it was fun to see her in the sitcom world and having mini fan moments finding herself in the show she had been watching constantly for the past week. However, this episode did a lot of story development to build up for what is destined to be a game changing final two episodes. There is a major character reveal, one character is furthered to assume the identity they have in the comic books, and the reality of Westview is primed to shatter at any moment. Even those viewers not familiar with the comic books will see these developments and know that they are major, helping to set the stage for an even wilder final two episodes. And we finally get our first post credit scene in WandaVision! So make sure to sit through the credits as you will not want to miss it! 

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this week’s episode of WandaVision, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what answers we were provided with this week…

This week begins with Wanda, lying in bed, hiding under the covers, just wanting to take a day to herself. We’ve all been there, but I don’t think anyone has experienced it like Wanda who is starting to worry that her simulated, ideal world is about to come crashing down. Billy and Tommy are downstairs playing video games as their controllers suddenly start to change into various controllers from various generations of gaming systems. Wanda’s powers are glitching, and as a result the reality in Westview is starting to show fractures. As Wanda said in her video interview, she got a little angry and expanded the border of the Hex and she’s just feeling that now…or as she calls it just a “case of the Mondays.” It’s then time for our theme song of the week…except we have none. As the show continues to emulate sitcoms of each generation, after finally hitting the 2010s, character interviews are in and theme songs are out. We do get a small musical theme and the creation of the show credited to Wanda Mximoff (just to reinforce everything we know about the Hex in case you have missed it in the first six episodes of the miniseries).

We then go outside the Hex to Director Hayward. He is informed by one of the surviving S.W.O.R.D. agents that the broadcast that has been delivering the outside world the sitcom of the events inside the Hex has stopped. Hayward instructs them to keep monitoring the broadcast signals, but says that they will launch today. Whatever Hayward has been secretly up to the entire series, it’s about to begin.

Vision wakes up inside the Hex, after being sucked back in by Wanda at the end of last week’s episode. He is at the circus we saw last week, surrounded by S.W.O.R.D. agents who have been turned into circus people. Darcy is also here, she is playing the escape artist of the circus crew. Vision recognizes her immediately, asking if she remembers him from the night before. Darcy, under Wanda’s control, does not recognize Vision and tells him he is a hard pass, thinking that Vision was making a pass at her. Vision wakes Darcy up, and Darcy immediately knows what is happening to her and does not display the pain and sorrow the other residents of Westview have been feeling under Wanda’s control. As they are called to perform in the circus, Darcy and Vision take off in a funnel cake truck to get back to the Maximoff’s house. As they begin their drive home, Vision asks Darcy if they know who Pietro is, as Vision knows that Pietro is not who he says he is.

Back at the Maximoff house, Wanda comes downstairs, still feeling the Mondays hard as the milk carton in the kitchen glitches and changes form. Billy and Tommy are a little worried about their mom, and they ask Wanda what Uncle P meant by re-killing dad the night before. Wanda chuckles, trying to laugh away the gravity of the question and tells the boys not to believe anything Pietro says to them as he is not their uncle. Wanda then gives a speech about the boy’s expectation with her having all of the answers, and Wanda lets them know that she does not have all the answers. Agnes then stops by, and notices that Wanda truly needs some time to herself and offers to take Billy and Tommy for the day. Wanda quickly takes Agnes up on her offer and rushes the boys and Agnes out of the house so she can have some well deserved me time. Right after they leave, the house continues to glitch, but despite this Wanda assures her on camera interview that she is perfectly fine. But we all know what fine stands for…so clearly Wanda is not doing well.

Now, we jump to the characters everyone has been wanting to see: Monica and Agent Woo, heading off to meet Monica’s aerospace engineer friend. On their drive, Woo receives Darcy’s email and reads through the Cataract files quickly. They disclose that Hayward’s weapon is Vision, and that he was trying to bring Vision back to life with no success. Before the conversation can get too deep about what’s in the files, Monica and Woo arrive at a small military setup on the edge of the Hex. Everybody, get ready to meet our aerospace engineer…NOT! Did you think we were going to get that answer so soon. No, instead we meet a Major Goodner. Not Reed Richards. Goodner is a new character to Marvel, with her name not having any connection to the comics or previous MCU properties. But we do learn that she is a good friend of Monica’s mother and knows Monica well. She has brought Monica a vehicle of Monica’s design that will hopefully let her re-enter the Hex. 

Before our commercial break, we jump back to Wanda. The house continues to glitch, and during her camera interview she tells us that she has no idea why the reality she created is falling apart, nor why her powers can’t fix it. Then, catching Wanda off guard, the off camera interviewer asks Wanda “do you think maybe this is what you deserve?” Wanda is shocked as the interviewer is not supposed to talk. But before we can get too far into this, it’s commercial time.

This week’s commercial is for Nexus antidepressants: an antidepressant designed to anchor you back to reality, or the reality of your choice. And like any good commercial for medication, we get a list of common side effects: feeling you feelings, confronting your truth, seizing your destiny, and possibly more depression. I’m sorry, but what a crappy antidepressant. But it’s clearly a parallel to Wanda’s current situation, and it’s the funniest commercial we have gotten so far.

Time to check in on Billy and Tommy. They’re at Agnes’ house, and Billy likes how quiet Agnes is compared to Wanda. Agnes has a sweet moment with the boys where she assures them that their mom can do anything because she is a super mom. What a sweet moment, which only makes Agnes’ interview so hilarious as she tells the interviewer that Ralph says she sugarcoats things. But Agnes kindly points out that you’re trying to tell two 10 year olds that their mother is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Hahn saying this line was easily my comedic highlight of the episode!

Back outside the Hex, Monica is suited up and ready to re-enter the Hex. As she drives the vehicle into the border of the Hex, the Hex fights back and sends the vehicle backwards through the air. While fighting the vehicle, the Hex transformed the portion of the vehicle that breached the Hex. But this provides Monica with the realization she needed: she can get through the boundary without the machine. As such, Monica walks through the boundary. There is some resistance she experiences as she passes through the boundary, during which we hear dialogue from her mother, her younger self, and Carol Danvers from Captain Marvel. Her eyes begin glowing blue, and she breaks through the boundary of the Hex into Westview, with her eyes still glowing blue. Monica’s powers have arrived.  

During Vision and Darcy’s road trip back to the Maximoff house, Darcy catches Vision up on his past. She tells him of his origins, of his death, and everything Vision does not remember of his life prior to Westview. But Darcy cannot provide Vision with any answer as to what he is now or why he cannot leave the Hex. But she does tell Vision that after watching multiple episodes of WandaVision, she knows that his relationship with Wanda is the real deal and that they belong together. Darcy is clearly shipping Wanda and Vision. However, the trip takes longer than they expect as they encounter numerous redlights and road construction, which Vision says is Wanda trying to prevent him from getting home. Vision eventually gets annoyed with all the obstacles to the drive home that Wanda has created, and flies out of the truck to get home to Wanda. And poor old Darcy, still stuck in the truck waiting for the children to finish crossing the street.

Monica gets to the Maximoff house and confronts Wanda, and Wanda is not happy to see Monica. Monica tries to explain that everything is about Vision, but before she can Wanda sends her flying out of the house and leaves her floating in the street for all the neighbours to see, including Dottie. Wanda accuses Monica and S.W.O.R.D.of being behind everything, including Pietro. Monica assures Wanda that they did not bring Pietro to the Hex, but Wanda does not believe her and sends her hurtling to the ground. Monica uses her powers to break her fall. Monica calls Wanda out, tells her to take her out but Wanda cannot do this. Monica points this out, stating that Wanda is not the villain that Hayward is making her out to be and urges her not to become that person. This catches Wanda off guard, and Monica tries to get through to Wanda by empathizing with her, relating the loss of her mother to Wanda’s loss of Vision. But Agnes is watching from her window, and quickly runs out to break up their conversation and tells Monica she’s overstayed her welcome before escorting Wanda away from the conversation. Monica, clearly seeing that Agnes is up to something, follows Agnes and Wanda back to Agnes’ house. 

Inside Agnes’ house, Wanda notices half eaten sandwiches on the table and a children’s television show on the TV, but no sign of Billy and Tommy as Anges meets tea. Ominous music starts playing as Wanda takes a look at a caged bunny and a fly on the curtains. Wanda asks Agnes where the boys are, and Agnes says she believes they are in the basement. Wanda heads downstairs, but there is still no sign of Billy and Tommy, Instead, she finds roots on the walls and a mysterious stone hallway with a light at the end. The hallway leads to a room with runes on the ceiling, a book radiating a red-orange energy, and a cabinet full of skulls. Agnes enters the room behind Wanda, spooking her, and Agnes reveals her true identity. She is wearing the broach she had in the third episode, petting the rabbit from the cage, and displays magical powers. Yes, as many have long suspected, Agnes is Agatha Harkness! Last week’s “where am I” line she pulled on Vision was a play to keep her identity a secret. Agatha uses her magic on Wanda, and we cut to a theme song for Agatha called “Agatha All Along.” Did you think we were not getting a theme song from the Andersons this episode? Rejoice everyone, because we get a theme song to close out the episode, which is a truly hilarious sequence showing that Agatha has been responsible for many moments throughout the series: including being the interviewer for the character interviews this episode and bringing Pietro to Westview. And it ends with Agatha letting us all know that she killed Sparky too, before letting off an evil laugh.

But that’s not the end, it’s time to watch the credits Marvel fans! We get our first official post credit scene! It shows Monica examining the outside of Agatha’s house and finding a door to the cellar, showing a similar stone hallway with roots which are glowing purple, the same colour as Agatha’s magic. All of a sudden, Pietro appears behind Monica and says “snoopers gonna snoop” before the camera cuts and the episode officially ends. 

So what did we learn this week? Well, as long expected by fans, Agnes is Agatha Harkness. I suspect next week’s episode will give us insight as to what Agatha’s intentions for Wanda are, but I suspect that given Agatha’s history with Mephisto in the comic books and the small references to Mephisto throughout the miniseries so far, that Mephisto will play a role in it. Plus, that book we saw in the basement is radiating a red-orange energy that is different from Wanda’s and could be the colour of Mephisto. If this is true, the book could play a role into how Agatha brings Mephisto into the MCU, mirroring how it is done in the comic books. Further, the boys are missing, which could also indicate that Mephisto is at play as their fate in the comics is tied to Mephisto. While it definitely has left many questions still to be answered, it was a truly great reveal even if many viewers were expecting it to happen. It just confirms that the MCU is about to be changed forever. Also, Pietro is not Pietro and we know that Agatha has helped create this allusion. So is Pietro just an illusion conjured by Agatha, or is she cloaking someone’s true identity to get close to Wanda? 

And the aerospace engineer. Did you actually think we were going to meet the character this week? It’s only episode 7 of 9, and if it is going to be someone as large as Reed Richards, which Teyonah Parris disclosed in an interview indicated that it’s going to be an exciting reveal, it’s too early for the character to appear. Such a reveal is going to happen at the end of next week’s episode if the character plays a major role in the final episode, or it will happen in the final episode if it’s only a short cameo. So stay patient everyone, we will get that answer very soon. 

This week’s commercial on the surface seemed to be a reference to Wanda’s current state, but the name of the antidepressant may be a hint of what is to come: Nexus. In the comics, there is a location called the Nexus of All Realities and individuals called Nexus Beings. Without getting too deep into the topic of the Nexus of All Realities and Nexus Beings, they both relate to Wanda and Vision in the comics and, if introduced to the MCU, would help set up the multiverse and the events of the next Spider-Man film and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Knowing that WandaVision sets up the future of the MCU and specifically these two films, we have an idea of how the multiverse could potentially be introduced. Further, Kang the Conqueror who was announced as the villain for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, is also a Nexus Being in the comics so we may be getting some early setup for the next Ant-Man film as well. But safe to say, it’s again confirming that we know that the MCU is about to change forever.

And unfortunately, that ends this week’s recap and discussion of WandaVision. While I know the wait for the next episode is going to be tough given the developments that occurred this week, make sure to check back next Friday as I cover the penultimate episode of WandaVision.

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