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Each Friday, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of WandaVision and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recaps will be released in mid-afternoon to avoid early spoilers.

On a special episode of WandaVision… we return to the sitcom and enter the world of the 80s. But that’s not all, the episode ends with a shocking appearance that could indicate that the MCU is about to change forever…

Once again, the episode is great. Each week has been getting better and better, and this episode truly feels like Marvel. We have the sitcom elements, but the story of Darcy, Agent Woo and Monica outside the Hex, we have all elements of the series’ story at play. This has been my favourite episode so far, but I’m sure the show will continue to get better as we get closer and closer to the finale at the beginning of March. Performances all around are wonderful, the production design of Westview in the 80s is great, and the aspect ratio changes are used effectively to help differentiate from reality and the alternate world of Westview for audiences who can’t keep track of everything. But unlike the previous episodes, this episode had the most heart and you definitely got to feel the emotions that Wanda is trying to manage as she creates this perfect reality for her and Vision.

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this week’s episode of WandaVision, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what answers we were provided with this week…

This week’s episode opens with Wanda and Vision trying to get the babies to stop crying. Wanda tries to use her magic on the boys to stop the crying, but they do not respond which Wanda notices right away. Luckily enough, Agnes just happens to be passing by and stops in to help with the boys. Vision is initially not too sure about Agnes helping with the boys, and Agnes responds by asking Wanda if wants her “to take that again” which catches Wanda off guard. So clearly, Agnes is not under Wanda’s control in Westview and is fully aware of what is happening, fueling suspicion that Agnes is Agatha Harkness. Vision is very disturbed by Agnes’ comments, but Wanda brushes it off by telling Vision that Agnes was just being neighbourly. This is telling because even though Wanda was caught off-guard by Agnes, she is more focused on keeping the illusion going for Vision to ensure him all is normal. Vision eventually comes around as Agnes rummages through the house to help look after the boys, and the boys suddenly age to be five years old in front of our eyes. So clearly, the boys are powered like Wanda, and Agnes kindly notes that you “can’t control them no matter how hard you try.”

During this week’s theme song from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, there are tons of hidden messages in the lyrics hinting at the situation in Westview. We get lines such as “vision of what the world could be,” “forces will try to pull us apart,” and “making it up as we go along,” which is very representative of what we have witnessed in the show so far. These lyrics go along with the theory that Wanda has created this reality for her and Vision to live the life she envisioned for them, and that there is something trying to pull them apart that Wanda is protecting them from.

The episode then cuts to Monica in the S.W.O.R.D. medical tent, recovering from her encounter inside the Hex (which is what Darcy has named the dome surrounding Westview because of its hexagonal shape). The name seemingly confirms the importance of the shape to the story, potentially playing into the Mephisto theory, but the magical meaning of Hex could also signal the magical abilities of Wanda and perhaps Agnes if she is in fact Agatha Harkness. Monica describes her experience inside the Hex like she felt she was drowning in grief, and that she heard Wanda’s voice in her head, as she did as she woke up at the beginning of the scene. The S.W.O.R.D. doctor notes that Monica’s medical tests are not showing any results but are simply blank, hinting at some sort of change that happened to Monica after being in the Hex. Later, Monica is talking with Director Hayward about Wanda and the creation of the Hex and Monica notes that the Hex could have been much larger and that Wanda is protecting everyone inside the Hex…but from who? During this conversation, we see video surveillance of Wanda breaking into S.W.O.R.D. HQ nine days earlier to retrieve Vision’s body to bring him back to life, which we are kindly informed is in violation of both the Sokovia Accords and Vision’s Living Will.

Back inside the Hex, Billy and Tommy find a dog and decide to bring him home. After convincing Wanda to let them keep the dog (after they age to ten years old so they meet their mother’s rule about having a dog), Agnes shows up with a dog house. This seemed planned because who just walks into a house with a doghouse when she knew that Wanda and Vision did not have a dog, and when the dog is named Sparky, this could hint at something further to come. Vision enters the kitchen, and sees Wanda performing magic right in front of Agnes. Vision expresses concern about this because how can they hide their true identities from the community with Wanda performing magic in front of anyone, but Wanda is not concerned and suggests that Vision does not have to hide his true self. Vision questions what Wanda is not telling him, but Wanda ignores the question.

Outside the Hex, Darcy, Agent Woo and Monica are discussing the situation inside the Hex. They note that the children (at any age) cannot be identified as any resident of Westview, and question what this could mean. Monica believes that they are created by Wanda but that they are real, as can be seen when they further investigate Monica’s clothes from inside the Hex, which are modified of her outfit she was wearing when she was pulled into the Hex last episode. Woo points out that Wanda had only created illusions up to this point, not actual matter. Darcy advises them and the audience that creating matter would require much more power, so is Wanda more powerful or is there someone else helping her create the world inside the Hex? Again, Agatha Harkness anyone? Luckily, Darcy has a new plan to communicate with Wanda and Vision stuck inside the Hex… using 80s technology!

Vision receives his message in the form of an email at work on their new computer. Cue 80s jokes about computers and the laugh track. The email notes high levels of radiation at the edge of Westview, which the office begins to laugh at because it has to be a joke. Norm jokes with Vision about the funny response that Vision will draft to the email, but Vision is clearly disturbed by the message he received. Norm assures Vision that “none of this is real,” which catches Vision’s attention. Vision temporarily wakes Norm up, during which Norm is very scared. He tells Vision that he has to stop her, that she’s in his head and it hurts so much. Vision puts Norm back to sleep as the truth is too painful for him to handle. Norm never mentioned Wanda though, so is it Wanda that Norm is afraid of, or someone else?

Wanda receives her communication from Darcy and the team in the form of a drone from the 80s. The drone comes outside her house and through the drone’s speakers, the team requests to speak to Wanda. Wanda’s eyes begin to glow red, angry at S.W.O.R.D. for interfering with her life, and Director Hayward calls for the drone pilot to take a shot. This was not known to Monica who believed that the drone was meant to be peaceful. Wanda exits the Hex to speak face to face with S.W.O.R.D. to deliver her message: she has what she wants and no one will ever take it from her again. While doing so, Wanda turns the S.W.O.R.D. agents’ weapons on Director Hayward and re-enters the Hex. As she does, the Hex changes from a blue to red. Clearly, Wanda is not wanting any more interference from S.W.O.R.D. Monica assures everyone that Wanda is not a threat, but Director Hayward does not share this opinion.

And cut too commercial! This week’s advertisement is for Lagos paper towels, for when you make a mess you don’t mean to make. This is a clear reference to the opening sequence of Captain America: Civil War, during which Wanda accidentally kills 11 aid workers from Wakanda in Lagos. Combined with the other commercials we have seen so far; I think it’s a safe assumption that the commercials have to do with Wanda’s past. The Stark toaster is a reference to the Stark Industries missile that killed Wanda’s parents, and the Hydra products to Wanda’s time with Hydra during which they experimented on her with the Mind Stone that bestowed her powers upon her.

Back inside the Hex, Wanda helps Billy and Tommy locate Sparky who has run off. They find Agnes, wrapping Sparky’s dead body in a blanket. Wanda comforts her boys and gives them a moving speech about feelings, obviously informed by her own pain that she is currently dealing with. The boys ask Wanda to fix Sparky because she can fix anything, including the dead. Agnes genuinely asks Wanda whether she can do that, indicating that whoever Agnes is, she does not the full extent of Wanda’s abilities. Wanda avoids the question and says there are rules to life and that some things are forever. Let’s just take that with a grain of salt because Wanda is not following her own so-called rules. To quote one of my favourite movies, they’re more like guidelines.

That night back at home, Vision confronts Wanda about his suspicions about Westview and Wanda’s role in it. He tells Wanda that she cannot control him like she controls everybody. Wanda seems to think she can control Vision, and rolls the credits. Except, Vision is not going to take the credits. As a result, we get an unofficial post credit scene in Wanda’s reality (unofficial because it’s not after the episodes credits, merely the credits that Wanda creates for the sitcom). Wanda and Vision are ready to fight as Vision questions what is outside Westview as he cannot remember anything from his life before Westview. Wanda claims that this is all for them and questions Vision if being her husband and Billy and Tommy’s father is enough. They descend from the air, and start talking out their feelings. Interestingly enough, Vision asks where the other children are in Westview, and Wanda assures him they are around. But we have not seen another child on the show except Billy or Tommy. Take note of this, as I’m sure it will become important in the rest of the series, especially with Halloween approaching. They begin talking on the couch, during which Wanda admits that she does not know how all of this started. But they are soon interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Vision claims this is Wanda trying to stop their conversation so she can reset the scene, but Wanda assures him its not. And who is at the door…Pietro! Cut to black, episode over.

The biggest takeaway from this week’s episode is the appearance of Pietro a.k.a. Quicksilver. Pietro was portrayed by Aaron Taylor-John in Avengers: Age of Ultron, who was killed by Ultron in that film. The Pietro that appears in Westview is the Evan Peters version of Pietro from the Fox X-Men movies. I think we have entered the multiverse!!! Marvel has officially acknowledged the Fox X-Men films in the MCU with the appearance of Peters, which is huge. This could mean we will see more characters appear in future films and that not all of the X-Men characters will be recast for the MCU. This could also have huge implications and I’m sure will play into both the third Spider-Man film and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which we know have direct ties to this show, and help explain how characters from the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films will appear in the MCU. A word of caution though: Wanda calls him Pietro, whereas Evan Peters version of Quicksilver was only ever called Peter in the X-Men films. Peters appearance could just be fun recasting as Darcy described it, just to toy with Marvel fans, but given what we know about the future of the MCU, I’m leaning towards the multiverse theory.

The other big easter egg in this episode is the family dog: Sparky. Sparky is the same name to the dog that Vision brought back to life in the comic books. In the comics, Sparky was made like Vision with artificial intelligence and metabolism, which granted him the power to pass through solid objects and fly. Given Sparky died during this week’s episode, it’s safe to bet that Sparky may be coming back to life with super powers by the end of the series. The question will be is it going to be Vision, who is disturbed by what is happening in Westview, or Wanda, who has no problem breaking the rules of life, who brings Sparky back to life? But honestly, I could care less about who does it because I would love to have an adorable dog flying around the screen! Only if Groot was still Baby Groot as we could have had some truly hilarious moments between the two of them.

As with previous episodes, everything seems to be pointing at Agnes being Agatha Harkness. Agnes has still not been identified by S.W.O.R.D., and Dottie and Ralph are still missing from their wall of characters on the sitcom. Clearly, they are important characters in disguise, one of which is most likely Mephisto. Also, Director Hayward was just a little trigger happy when he called the attack on Wanda. The Director of S.W.O.R.D. should have been more cautious while dealing with an Avenger, but this could indicate that Hayward is either not very smart or is a Hydra double agent as his namesake would indicate if the family relationship to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. character exists.

Outside of the episode, Disney also dropped a new poster this week for the series featuring Wanda, Vision, Agnes, Monica, Darcy and Agent Woo. If you are like me and other big Marvel fans, you analyzed that poster. But if you didn’t, right above Wanda’s head on the wallpaper there is something that looks like a flower. But if you zoom in, it appears to be a face… a red face with horns. It looks like Mephisto is hiding in plain sight now. If he’s on the poster, I think he will be appearing very soon on the show. The question is will it be next week, or the week after that?

And I will leave you there. If you don’t believe me about the poster, check it out for yourself. Otherwise, check back in next Friday to find out what happens on the next episode of WandaVision.

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