Review: Willy’s Wonderland


An absolute ridiculous film in the best way possible, Willy’s Wonderland is simply a blast from beginning to end.

Nicholas Cage (who else?) stars as a man who experiences car trouble in a small town that doesn’t take credit cards. Instead, he is offered a deal to clean an old family entertainment center in exchange for fixing the car. The catch? The animatronics are possessed and murderous. A popcorn flick if there ever was one, Willy’s Wonderland is one of those films that you accept for what it is at the start and let yourself have fun. Sure, some things don’t quite add up and the dialogue is cheesy, especially from the group of teens who also find themselves in there. Ignore it all! Bask in the joy of a silent Cage beating the crap out of Willy and friends.

A movie like this can quickly go off the rails by not embracing its identity. Writer G.O. Parsons thankfully keeps the tone loose and the insanity constant, delivering one of the most fun films I have seen in quite a while. I can confirm that I will never step foot in a Chuck E. Cheese ever again. 

If you’re a fan of horror-thrillers that use loud sounds to their advantage, some gore, surprising laughs, and Nicholas Cage at full Nicholas Cage, check out Willy’s Wonderland on VOD today. You won’t regret it.

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Entertainment Weekly

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