Review: Cherry

CHERRY (2021)

A mess of a film that suffers from an identity crisis, Cherry is a clunky waste of Tom Holland’s committed performance.

Cherry follows a young man (Holland) who falls in loves and makes a series of bad life decisions. That’s basically the entire movie. I take absolutely no pleasure in stating that seeing Tom Holland in a serious role is incredibly challenging, though he does his best to work with what he was given. Cherry is loud, abrasive, and ultimately compromised by its attempt to be more than it really is. Add in a cast of characters that are less-than-memorable and you have a promising indie film adaptation of a best-selling novel that flounders from the start.

If you’re interested in seeing Tom Holland smoke some cigarettes, curse a lot, and pleasure himself, then Cherry is for you. There also is a camera angle from inside his rectum that is quite the choice. With the Russo brothers involved, I expected more of a coherent outing. Instead we’re left with a flop.

Cherry hits theaters tomorrow and Apple TV+ on March 12th, 2021.

Rating: 2/5

Photo from The Indian Express

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