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Gina Carano, one of the stars of the hit series The Mandalorian, was fired by Lucasfilm this week after a controversial social media post. This was not the first time the former MMA star-turned-actress had come under fire for comments made online. Carano is a vocal conservative who often expresses her thoughts on her platforms, but often offensively. The first of these cases came when she made transphobic comments regarding people’s identities and the most recent was a comparison of being a conservative in America today to being a Jewish person in Nazi Germany. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Lucasfilm/Disney were closely monitoring Carano’s behavior, after speaking with her, even as calls to fire her persisted. This seems to be what pushed it all over the edge.

Look, the long and the short of it is this: Carano was an employee of a company and, as such, her behavior has a direct impact on said company. This would happen to me, it would happen to you, and it has happened thousands of times before for less. As a public individual/celebrity, you are constantly under a lot of scrutiny and there is a magnifying glass on what you do because you have a reach to millions of people. Fans support you, listen to you, and may even take cues from you. There is a responsibility inherent in the role of an actor. That’s not to say that Carano can’t have her political views, but i’d argue that some of her comments were sadly poor judgment and misinformation (especially the first, which could be harmful to people). When that behavior continues to breed negative impacts on your parent company, you’re going to be let go.

Everyone should be equally accountable. There is always a tendency to “other side” stories like this, but we can look at people in the past on the left that have been held accountable, not always by firing, but in some way: Senator Al Franken, Lea Michelle, Ellen Degeneres, Anna Wintour, Jeffree Star, Chris Pratt. Regardless of what a person believes politically, nothing justifies such behavior. The truth is that standards are high in this interconnected world all around, a new reality that we have to learn to navigate. Words and actions have consequences and, in a world where everything is more readily available, will be subject to armchair quarterback criticism.

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