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Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

While wrapped in stagnant lifestyles due to the quarantine, many of us have watched more genres of movies than we ever thought we would due to the wide selection available on various streaming services. I’m sure we all watched a documentary film in the hopes that we would learn something new (after we made our fifth banana bread, of course), a foreign film to compensate for the cancelled vacations, and an animated film to see if we still had the ability to smile. Thankfully, the Academy has awards for all of those things

Best International Feature 

No other International Film is being talked about as much as Another Round. It’s a film that is on many critics’ top ten lists with a performance from Mads Mikkelsen that truly shines. After Another Round, every other film’s popularity and chances of winning pale in comparison, but anything can happen.

Best Documentary 

There was an insane amount of great documentaries this year, but the clear frontrunner is Time. It has been winning many awards and covers a powerful social justice story which should be honored this year. 

Dick Johnson is Dead is a wildly inventive and touching documentary which has a lot of people talking and could possibly take the win. But, Welcome to Chechnya and Crip Camp have been gaining more and more buzz since their release. 

The Way I See It is a documentary that recalls a simpler time and is an intimate portrait of a hero and his family. It may catch the nostalgia of many of the voters.

The fifth spot could go to other titles such as Boy’s State, All In: The Fight for Democracy, The Dissident, The Truffle Hunters, and The Painter and the Thief

Best Animated Feature 

There aren’t many animated films to round out five nominations for this year. That doesn’t matter this year because Soul is taking the top spot. It’s a Pixar movie about death that is beloved by audiences and critics. There is no stopping it. 

If you wanted to bet for the long shot, the only film that could possibly dethrone Soul is Wolfwalkers. It’s winning some of the other awards and is another critical darling. It’s the second most popular animated film, but Soul easily is taking this one. 

After those two, it’s a crapshoot of which films might be nominated. Onward is snug in that third slot as another poignant Pixar film. Over the Moon and The Willoughbys from Netflix are also popular favorites. Trolls World Tour has a subpar quality but isn’t as popular as the others. Finally Croods: A New Age has gone under the  radar, but I could see it being a surprise nomination. 

While these awards don’t get nearly enough attention, they are genres that are growing in popularity and influence and will make the three films that win all the more important and prestigious.

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