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A typical Liam Neeson film through and through, The Marksman’s simplistic plot is stymied by laughable dialogue and odd cinematography choices.

A former Marine (Neeson) encounters a mother and son on the run from a murderous Mexican cartel, leading him on a cross-country journey to deliver the young boy to safety. Look, we know what we are getting from Liam Neeson in films like this, the same consistent performance that he has given for years. What sets his films apart form one another, however, is the varying quality of the stories being told. The Marksman… marks… one of the worst of the bunch due to a predictable series of events in an overly run-of-the-mill outing. There is a lot of potential, for sure, but the pacing seems off and the payoff at the end is significantly underwhelming, even as it attempts to be a redeemable moment. 

The Marksman is largely forgettable; not even Neeson seems comfortable with the project as he delivers a more solemn, gruff performance than usual. Much of the blame goes to the script, which vacillates between boring generic development and ridiculous dialogue (“These are my illegals”). If Neeson ever turns down a film, you wouldn’t know it from this one. Perhaps it’s time to start weeding out some of these clunkers to preserve his reputation and leave fond memories of the films he has delivered. Or just do Taken 430750398.

The Marksman hits theaters on Friday.

Rating: 2/5

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