Review: One Night In Miami


Director Regina King assembles a phenomenally talented cast in her directorial debut One Night In Miami, a film that isn’t the most exciting, but certainly is one of the most consequential.

On one impactful evening in 1964, Malcom X, Jim Brown, Cassius Clay, and Sam Cooke gather in Miami for an evening of celebration that quickly turns to visceral conversations about racism, America, and the roles of those with fame. This adaptation of the stage play of the same name is not going to wow the casual spectator, rather King’s vision delivers a slow burn that showcases each of the young actors dissecting the issues of the time period. What’s more, the conversation is as relevant today as it was back then.

In a cast with stellar performances from all involved, it’s Kingsley Ben-Adir as activist Malcom X and Aldis Hodge as sports-turned-movie star Jim Brown who absolutely blow the roof off of the project. Ben-Adir in particular embodies the late figure with enthusiasm and conviction, driving home his points with stunning sincerity.

At times, One Night in Miami can feel a but sluggish, but the fascinating exercise of the four individuals conversing is captivating and impactful, leaving viewers with a lot to ponder. In the end, however, it’s King who ends up stand out due to her superb storytelling abilities, setting the stage for what is sure to be a remarkable career behind the camera.

One Night in Miami hits Amazon Prime Video tomorrow.

Rating: 4/5

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