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Take three legends of acting and throw them on a cruise ship with little more than an outline and you get the largely improvised Let Them All Talk, an engrossing film that treads as deep as the ocean upon which it was filmed.

When a renowned author (Meryl Streep) embarks on a cruise to accept a literary award overseas, she is joined by her nephew (Lucas Hedges) and two lifelong friends (Candice Bergen and Dianne West). Old schisms reappear over the course of the trip, leading to revisited feelings and confrontational conversations. Steven Soderbergh has assembled quite the cast here, which also includes Gemma Chan as Streep’s character’s literary agent. Streep herself plays a rather unlikeable character, yet still shines through with unmatched talent, though closely followed by Bergen’s turn as an aggrieved friend looking for explanation and closure. It is in the scenes centered around each evening’s dinner that the improvisational uniqueness of Let Them All Talk is fully realized; awkwardness between the three women is played with an authenticity that is only lightened by Hedges’ character’s levelheadedness. Hedges, in fact, is a consistently strong addition to the cast who, in scenes largely with the equally-talented Chan, showcases what a strong actor he continues to be.

This film will not shake you to your core or lead to any redefining life realizations, but you will find yourself caring for the relationships explored  and intrigued by the history unearthed along the way. Let Them All Talk is one of the best, yet least talked about, films of the year that, while slow in some respects, delivers much to talk about.

Rating: 4/5

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