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LAND (2021)

Robin Wright’s directorial debut is a fresh take on familiar themes elevated by her own stunningly locked-in performance and given great assist by the magnificent natural backdrop of Wyoming.

After a tragic event turns her world upside down, Edee (Wright) disconnects and moves to the Rockies to start anew. What begins as a melancholic outing placed solely on the shoulders of Wright tilts towards a story of healing and rebuilding. Though the source of Edee’s grief is unknown at first, the audience is drawn in with empathic force as Wright fights with herself and the elements, leading her to a near-death experience. The visceral nature of the storytelling and cinematography aids in the development and growth of the character while simultaneously gripping your emotions. Wright as a director taps into all of that while Wright the actress delivers the goods.

There are times when Land slows, where the destination is presumed though we are taking our dear time to get there, though it also works well for the core themes explored within the film. I found myself thinking a lot about every aspect of the story long after my viewing was complete, partly because Wright is just that good, but mainly because loss is a part of life and we all handle it differently. Seeing a female character channel her deep grief and persevere, trouncing all expectations, was a beautiful representation of the our inner strength as people. Though I would rather not have seen the story introduce a character that goes on to assist her, this, too, is part of the human experience and a key reminder that there is no shame in asking for help.

Land hits theaters and VOD on February 12th, 2021.

Rating: 4/5

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