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An absolute blast of an entry into the dark comedy/horror genre mashup, Bloody Hell is ridiculously funny and intriguing from start to finish.

When a man (Ben O’Toole) seeks to disappear and start anew after being released from prison, he heads to Finland and ends up in a hellish, cannibalistic scenario he never could have dreamed up. There is much more plot to the story, but I feel it is best discovered through watching. O’Toole is having incredibly too much fun with his role, one that allows him to flex his emotionality and carry the niche film on his back and his back alone. Bloody Hell is one of those films that knows it is batsh*t crazy and revels in it every step of the way. A hint of Hostel, a dash of Saw, perhaps even some Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all mixed with it’s own unique humorous undertones, set Blood Hell above many others that try and fail at delivering the same. 

There are scenes that are gruesome, but never too much so. The same goes for the horror aspects, as tension certainly persists throughout yet should not turn away the faint of heart. This being writer Robert Benjamin’s first feature film outing, the impressive balance of all of the things Bloody Hell tries (and succeeds) to be spells great promise for future gigs. Add in director Alister Grierson’s flawless filmmaking here and you have a standout, under-the-radar film that deserves way more attention that it is getting.

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Rating: 5/5

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