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In a theatrical landscape littered with superhero films from the mainstream Marvel and DC, an original concept brought to life is all the more intriguing. Such intrigue does not always lead to satisfaction, however, as is the case with Adam Egypt Mortimer’s dull Archenemy.

Local drunk Max Fist (Joe Manganiello) says he is a superhero from another plant and Hamster (Skylan Brooks) is a fan of all of his stories. When Hamster gets into trouble with a drug boss (Glenn Howerton), Max aims to showcase his heroics. There is certainly promise in the plot that is never fully realized, instead relying on snazzy, artful cutaways to flashback to Max’s superhero days interspersed with lackluster action scenes. Manganiello himself is not very likable throughout Archenemy, nor does he establish much chemistry with Brooks. What is established early on in the film quickly devolves into a slow, muddled concoction of various ideas never fleshed out. 

I could not stop thinking about Hancock, a movie which I was not a fan of,   as Manganiello’s Max Fist drunkenly and grumbly traversed through the film. Mortimer has put something together that has potential, but is nothing more than a set-up film for a story that could explode into multiple dimensions (literally). Less dialogue, more excitement, and better action is what the film needed, but sadly Archenemy flounders in all departments.

Rating: 2/5

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