‘Eternals’ Director ChloÉ Zhao Also Was A Writer On The Film

While her latest film Nomadland continues to make a strong awards season push, director Chloé Zhao’s Marvel Studios film Eternals is on the way at the end of the year. Speaking with Margaret Gardiner, Zhao shared “I am the writer on Eternals, the credits just aren’t updated yet.” She went on to discuss the tone of the film, praising the team at Marvel in saying “they knew from the moment I pitched the film I really wanted to, you know, the scope and the scale, at the same time, the intimacy, they knew I wanted both. And they have been so incredible holding my hand through the entire process of allowing me to go as far as possible and as small as possible, and how that fit into the whole MCU.”

Eternals is currently scheduled to hit theaters November 5th, 2021.

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