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Sitting Down with The New York Times, DC films president Walter Hamada discussed the future of DC movies as it pertains to streaming and theaters. Starting in 2022, DC plans to release four big-budget superhero films in theaters each year and send smaller, off the beaten path films to HBO Max (such as Batgirl and Static Shock) with the goal being two per year. Hamada also stated that they are exploring every potential spin-off opportunity as films come up, such as the upcoming Peacemaker series from James Gunn, featuring the character from the upcoming The Suicide Squad.

The multiverse is also in full swing with, for example, two different Batmans in the mix. “Boiled down, it means that some characters (Wonder Woman as portrayed by Ms. Gadot, for instance) will continue their adventures on Earth 1, while new incarnations (Mr. Pattinson as ‘The Batman’) will populate Earth 2″ reports The Times, with 2022’s The Flash linking the two (via IndieWire).

Finally, according to The Times, Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League release is “a storytelling cul-de-sac — a street that leads nowhere.”

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