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An absolutely frustrating waste of Melissa McCarthy’s talents, Superintelligence is a lifeless, humorless slog of film that adds to the pile of unfortunate projects the star has spearheaded.

When an AI tracks down a woman (McCarthy) and follows her every move, it quickly decides that humans are not worth saving, leading to impending doom that is just days away. This is another project from McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone and, while I am sure he is a delightful man, he does not do his wife any favors with the projects he directs her in (Life of the Party, The Boss, Tammy being the others). The plot in Superintelligence is a rehashed mashup of various “AI is taking over the world” stories sprinkled with degradingly simplistic attempts at humor that undercut the phenomenal comedic skills of the lead. Even James Corden’s inclusion couldn’t do anything to save this. There is a shred of a love story within the subplot of McCarthy’s character attempting to woo her old flame (played by Bobby Cannavale), with their chemistry arguably the best part of the film. Sadly, however, the overall story leads to a rushed climax that quickly resolves itself before the film concludes.

Melissa McCarthy deserves better and is in danger of being tagged as a goofy actor in poorly-made projects akin to Adam Sandler. It is time for her to branch out from these goofy basic films and take on more interesting challenges that will diversify her output, not restrict it to Saturday evening TBS reruns. Superintelligence is anything but intelligent.

Superintelligence is streaming on HBO Max.

Rating: 2/5

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